Links of London promotes economic development

January 4, 2011
By Liu Baiying | 0 comments

In the financial sector, as Banks and borrowers, information asymmetry between Banks can make big problem ", "moral hazard, adverse selection, and contract execution cost auditing. These problems will result in the bank to those unable to provide guaranty or mortgage loans of the small and medium-sized enterprises, resulting in financial resources, and low efficiency of volume, which is called "the credit market failure". Links of London enterprise professor coinsurance syndication model effectively solved this problem. This model is a group; borrowers between team members are links of london sweetie bracelets jointly and severally liable. The loan mode of unsecured loan to solve the problem of two: one is the joint liability inspired borrowers between the full utilization of existing information, links of London sales, the other is maintained high repayment rates. Zhou Li governor said coinsurance syndication mechanism and application in the loan guarantees jewelry enterprise, Banks and enterprises of information asymmetry links charms between members of the links of London jewellery industry into mutual supervision and restriction, can reduce transaction costs, reduce the risk of security, is a viable credit, and realized the links charms jewelry enterprise, jewelry and bank "win-win". Believe in development bank branches of links jewelry enterprise coinsurance syndication services have a good market prospect. As a matter of fact, this is just a beginning, a new business sale development bank. Shenzhen development bank as the local Banks, willing to invest in links of London silver jewelry industry development, realize the benign development. Links of London UK jewelry enterprise will expand the coinsurance syndication services to the branch, let more jewelry enterprise benefit. When asked about the credit scale, the director said, as long as the enterprise needs, providing a perfect, and mechanism of credit funds shall not problem. Sub-branches controller introduces, established in the offices successfully main purpose is convenient for links jewelry enterprise, providing financial services links of london UK tailored, financing plan, also offer convenient public to private accounts, more personalized services to links silver jewelry entrepreneurs prerogative of VIP financial services, soon also successfully in open round-the-clock self-service Banks. Facing the small and medium-sized enterprises, and the financing needs of strong traditional credit analysis and risk control means of financing show significant london of links limitations, links London jewellery development bank, jewelry industry branch from the policy orientation, resource allocation, many levels such as bonus distribution financing support business development. After continuous efforts, financing business in a major breakthrough in 2007, the small and medium-sized enterprises loan balances steadily, and links of London watches sales links have achieved good economic and social benefits. Provide special financing for small and medium-sized enterprises in Shenzhen, Shenzhen development bank branches in the unceasing innovation service timely links of london friendship bracelet discovery, market demand, the design and development of small and medium-sized enterprises need credit links London bracelets products for small and medium-sized enterprises, financial solutions tailored, not only provide a real convenience and benefit. While meeting the small and medium-sized enterprises in different growth stages of diversified financial needs, but also for the bank's own development created links of london charm market opportunities. Links London chains branch in the system of small and medium-sized enterprises established within the banking, established the relatively independent credit operation procedure and credit rating system, links London charms take a big enterprise credit management with different risk control method, creating a small business loans to adapt to the credit culture. To realize standardized operation links London necklaces products, improve the simplified loan procedures approving loans to small and medium-sized enterprise links london customers efficiency and provide convenient and fast financial services. Eight with continuous product innovation ability of continuous competitive with continuous competitive links London friendship bracelet, the same financing business always emphasize product innovation.



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