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January 18, 2011
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Recent drilling, in both vertical and horizontal wells, has reestablished commercial production Christian Louboutin Boots expanded the gas field, located on the crest of an unnamed anticline of regional extent. Gas in the New Albany at Russellville is closely associated with structural closure on the unnamed anticline that trends NW to SE and parallels the LaSaIIe anticlinorium, located about 8 miles west. The LaSaIIe anticlinorium structure Christian Louboutin Sandals on Sale a major oil trap for Illinois basin oil and gas. Russellville oil and gas field also produces oil and gas from Missis sippian and Pennsylvanian strata. Reports of initial production of New Albany gas at Russellville range from 38 Mcfd to 450 Mcfd. One or two wells along the Clay City anticline reportedly produce Vibram Five Fingers Bikila commingled with oil from well-established Mississippian zones. Unverified reports indicate that approximately 20 Mcfd/well was or is commercially produced from the New Albany on the Clay City anticline. Main Consolidated oil field Fig. 2 in Crawford County, 111., along the flanks of the La Sa Ue anticlinorium, has a recent Vibram Five Fingers Classic that is reportedly temporarily abandoned as a gas well after incomplete testing of 350 Mcfd. The well, originally drilled as a vertical well, was reworked and completed as a horizontal well, but ISGS records and communications with the original operator suggest that the well has not yet been completed or put on production.



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