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January 18, 2011
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Pointy toes can cause dangerous falls. Many people do not realize that feet expand Christian Louboutin Boots swell throughout the day. To find the right boots, Americans should measure their feet in the evening, when feet swell to their largest size, and while standing. Since feet are often uneven in size, boot-buyers should choose sizes based on their larger foot. According to the American Podiatric Medical Association APMA, 65 percent Christian Louboutin Leopard Print American women aged 18 to 49 haven't measured their feet in five years, meaning that they most likely wear ill-fitting boots. The APMA offers these tips for Americans looking to buy the safest winter boot: Choose boots designed for stability. High stilettos might make a statement, but can prove treacherous Christian louboutin Macarena icy ground. Many fashion boots aren't designed for winter walking. Your best bet? Look for boots with solid heels. Low wedges, especially those made of cork, aid shock absorption and provide strong foot-to-ground contact. Also, make sure the boot has traction on the bottom of the shoe to ensure you won't slip and fall. Make Christian Louboutin Mad Mary Janes Three-Strap black your boots fit well. If you wear thick socks all winter, wear them while you try on boots. Walk around the store wearing the boots on both feet. Don't purchase boots that you need to break in -; boots, like all shoes, should immediately feel comfortable. Choose boots that support your ankle you don't want to twist your ankle on an ice patch.



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