Announcing: The Second Half of Deans Dozen!

August 28, 2012
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Were very proud and excited to announce the second half of our Deans Dozen for the 2012 elections! Since 2004, DFA has worked to identify 12 strong progressive candidates who have what it takes to win and are committed to moving the progressive agenda forwardThe focus on candidates in these twelve races sends a clear signal that it is time to end the extreme right-wing stronghold that has blocked the progressive agenda at every turn. --Governor Howard Dean Democracy for America endorses progressive candidates at all levels, but the highest levels of grassroots and financial support will be given to these twelve men and women. Historically, the Dean Dozen was the first slate of candidates to ever be endorsed by Democracy for America. Today, these progressive candidates are given this historic slogan for their efforts to change the Democratic Party from the bottom-up. Tammy Baldwinis dedicated to serving and fighting for the people of Wisconsin in her bid for one of the states U.S. Senate seats. She supports legislation that supports workers, families, job creation, economic security, and the environment. Tammy has a long history of standing up to powerful interests, particularly in her opposition to the Glass-Steagall act during her first term in the U.S. House. Mazie Hironois running for U.S. Senate in Hawaii where she has worked to protect consumers, increase tourism, create jobs, revamp Hawaii workers compensation, and serving as both lieutenant governor and U.S. Representative of Hawaiis second congressional district. She strongly supports the values of equal opportunity and fair pay. Having immigrated to the United States as a young child, Hirono understands first hand the importance of protecting early educational opportunities for all children and wants to bring the fight to expand these opportunities to the U.S. Senate Elizabeth Warrenis running for U.S. Senate in Massachusetts with a message of accountability. Her fights for middle class families, her efforts to protect taxpayers, and her ability to turn new ideas into reality, characterize her life work. Elizabeth served as the Chair of the Congressional Oversight Panel for the Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP) after the 2008 financial crisis and has earned bipartisan praise for her efforts to ensure oversight and accountability. She believes that changes must be made in education, construction, renewable energy, research, small business, workers rights, and fair trade in order to improve life for the middle class. Annie Kusterwants to bring a new, grassroots approach to problem solving in Washington that focuses on the interests of hardworking families. She is running to represent New Hampshires second congressional district and has a strong track record there as an attorney focused on adoption, education, and healthcare law. She is dedicated to strengthening our economy, readjusting our approach to security, and ending discrimination. Raul Ruizis running to serve the people of Californias thirty-sixth district. He has a strong belief in the American Dream and believes that this should be attainable to all people. Ruiz pledges to reduce poverty, increase jobs with a livable wage, improve education opportunities, and increase heathcare access for all Americans. Ruiz grew up the son of farm laborers and worked his way up through three Harvard graduate degrees. His strong commitment to service is exemplified throughout his career in his community work founding pre-med mentoring programs, free clinics, and the Jenkins/Penn Haitian Relief Organization, as well as his professional work as an Emergency Medicine doctor at a local non-profit hospital. Manan Trivediis running to represent Pennsylvanias sixth congressional district. His lifelong commitment to community is demonstrated by his Marine Corp service in Iraq, his career as a primary care physician, and his work in health policy as an advisor to the Navy Surgeon General. Trivedi is committed to creating jobs, clean energy, and care for our nations veterans. The first six candidates in the Deans Dozen include Jose Hernandez (CA-10), Kathy Boockvar (PA-8), Carol Shea-Porter (NH-01), Joe Miklosi (CO-06), Martin Heinrich (NM-Senate), and Shelly Yodi (IN-09). More information on these six candidates can be found here. Will join us in supporting the Dean Dozen by clicking here



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