Homegrown Legacy Annie Kuster Brings Experience and Determination to New Hampshire

October 15, 2012
By Catherine Tuttle | 0 comments

While helping her mom and brother make applesauce in their kitchen in 1972, Annie Kusters father declared that he was going to run for governor as an independent. Although he didnt win, Annies dad, Malcolm, did serve as Mayor of Concord and on the Executive Council. He was well respected as an attorney. Though it wouldnt be the last time that one of Annies parents ran for public office in 1980 her mother, Susan, ran for the 2nd District seat, Annie had been bit. Annie took on the political baton early from her community-engaged parents. While attending Concord High, Annie did an independent study to assist with Pete McCloskeys 1972 presidential primary campaign and succeeded in getting the highest returns in the state. Years later, she returned to work for McCloskey after her graduation from Dartmouth College where she earned a bachelor's in environmental policy. Annie also holds a law degree from Georgetown University. But it was in 1980 that Annie took her colossal leap into politics. That year, she left the McCloskey campaign to help her mothers campaign for Congress. After her years working in Washington, Annie knew the stakes and she believed in her mother. It was her experience working on moms campaign that was pivotal in shaping Annies future. Susan McLane eventually served as State Senator and to this day is viewed as a groundbreaking female leader in New Hampshire politics. Looking back, Annie knows that her mothers run for Congress was the whole training for me. Her motherly advice sticks with Annie to this day: Always wear a jacket. Never wear jewelry. Never wear anything low-cut. Always keep the attention to your face." Since then, Annie has served in several New Hampshire political roles. She worked on both John Kerry and Barack Obamas presidential campaigns and worked as co-chair of New Hampshire Women for Obama. In 2010, she garnered national attention for her close race against Republican Charlie Bass in the 2nd Congressional District. Annie lost by less than one percent of the votes and within five months she was back on the campaign trail. Before the September 2012 primary, Annie consistently surpassed Bass in both fundraising and popularity in the districts more Democratically inclined pocket. SalemPatch sums up exactly what puts Annie ahead of Bass this election: Unlike Bass, who has demonstrated the same lurch-to-the-right voting record and ideology that most modern-day Republicans "boast" in order to gain any traction with their Tea-Party mandated madness (see latest example Missouri Congressman Todd Akin), Kuster has the backs of Americas middle class, a constituency that is under siege currently by the GOP on both state and national levels. Furthermore, SalemPatch urges New Hampshire voters to get out to: Restore our state to where it was two years ago, as well as prevent America from falling into the anti-middle class morass promised by Romney/Ryan, exercise their voting rights more purposefully than they did in 2010. She will be a welcome panacea to the OBrien-led devolution of the state we all love, as well as a sure vote in Washington to counter the erosion of everything 99 percent of us are working for in order to line the pockets of the nations corporations and multi-millionaires. Over the past several years, Annie worked hard as a community activist, public policy advocate, and volunteer. In 2011, she opened a consulting firm, Newfound Strategies LLC, which helps nonprofit organizations boost their fundraising capacity, organizational strength, and effectiveness. She specializes in adoptions as well as improving access to quality health care and affordable higher education. Annie has been involved in the creation of the UNIQUE College Savings Program to help families save for their childrens college education as well as the Medication Bridge Program to make free medication available to low-income families. Annie is a strong supporter of the Affordable Care Act signed into law by President Obama and she opposes extending tax cuts to those making more than $250,000 a year. From her experience as an adoption attorney, Annie shows her support for marriage equality. She reflects, For the past 25 years, I have witnessed the extraordinary courage and compassion of women from age 14 to 40 facing unplanned pregnancy. Not once did I believe that the government should interfere with their personal and private decision. In fact, I believe in less government interference in peoples personal lives, including whom to marry, when and whether to bear a child and how to raise kind and compassionate children. Both family and womens rights issues have held significant prominence for Annie. She claimed The War on Women is fundamentally about women and the men who love them, not about politics. This is about our grandmothers, our mothers, our sisters, sons and daughters, and the kind of life they all deserve. Annie calls on New Hampshire to not only stand up but to push back by getting involved, being engaged, and exercising the right to vote with women as 51% of active voters in the state. With her mother Susan, Annie co-authored a book entitled The Last Dance: Facing Alzheimers with Love and Laughter. When her mother passed away, Annie toured the state with her father speaking about aging, Alzheimers, and family care. In 2008, Annie received the Rainbow Award from Riverbend Community Mental Health Center celebrating those who raise awareness of mental-health issues in New Hampshire. Several other important aspects of Annies policy include infrastructure rejuvenation, support for small businesses and entrepreneurs in Congress, and a greater focus on attention on our home turf with our economy verses in Afghanistan. She is against the PSNH proposal of the Northern Pass Transmission Line and is concerned by the domineering role that special and corporate interests play in politics. Instead she powers her campaign through grassroots interests and the support of everyday New Hampshire families. Its her long and strong history of political dedication that champions Annie as a driving force in this falls election. Since 1972, she has worked to support and elect progressive, pro-choice candidates in New Hampshire and across the country. Family values have been and will continue to be a vital component of Annies campaign. Just days ago, the Concord Monitor quoted Annie, I am grateful to the thousands of Granite-staters who have given their time and resources to this campaign. From day one, this has been a grassroots effort powered by ordinary people from all across New Hampshire who know that I will be a tireless advocate for hardworking middle-class families.



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