#ShouldaAsked (VP Debate Edition)

October 11, 2012
By Alex Showerman | 0 comments

Last week we watched as Jim Lehrer was non-existent and Mitt Romney lied his way to victory. In fact Think Progress astutely pointed out Mitt lied 27 times in 38 minutes of speaking time. We had figured Romney would dodge questions, flip-flop and out right lie, so last week we asked you to hold him accountable by telling us, what Jim Lehrer shoulda asked Mitt Romney. We had fantastic responses from members all over the country, and folks like Jennifer Granholm and Richard Fowler even joined in the discussion! Here are some of the best shoulda asked questions from last week's debate: @JenGranholm: #ShouldaAsked Romney: If you had 50 dollars last week wld you buy A) Groceries B) Gasoline to get to work C) prescriptions for your child @RichardaFowler: #ShouldaAsked Do you care about #47percent of America? @ArshadHasan: back to my earlier #ShouldaAsked, Mitt, how do you define middle income(!?) @TinaFrisco: #ShouldaAsked #Cspan2012 Why did MA drop to 47th in job creation during your term in office, & why don't you care about the 47%? We also had some great submissions from folks who arent on twitter: I want to know why Romney said he would do more for Gay rights than Ted Kennedy and now he is opposed to Gay rights. -John M. What is your stand on womens health. What will your plan cover and who will make the decisions? -Sandra J. Will you push for legislation that invalidates the Citizens United decision of the Supreme Court? -Roger G. Now tonight we already know that Paul Ryan has a track of lying (just watch his VP nomination acceptance speech), and we want to hear from you. Every time Paul Ryan pulls a Mitt Romney, let us know what you think the moderator shoulda asked to hold him accountable. You can either tweetusing #ShouldaAsked OR submit your questions right here.



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