The Romney Myth On Job Creation

October 17, 2012
By Alex Showerman | 0 comments

In last nights debate, Romney slammed the government as a job creator, saying quote Government doesnt create jobs. As I laid out in my last post,trickle down economics simply does not work.Why?Trickle Down economics starves the government of its ability to invest in projects that make our country the best place to conduct business.Yes, Republicans are right that to startingandgrowing a businessrequires an immense amount of passion, dedication and hard work.Democrats would never disagree with that. However,Republicansmiss the special sauce that makes Americaa great place to do business. Its the previous generations of taxpayers who invested in the country so future generations could prosper. For Mitt Romney to say Governmentdoesn'tcreate jobs is an incredibly short sighted and myopic statement. Lets take a look at how this Republican myth is wrong. Our first example of the Republican myth is, Wal-mart. While progressives don't typicallyagreewith their business practices, it is important to take a closer lookas they are the archetypical Republican job creators. It begins with Sam Walton and the Walton family when they opened a5&10 storein 1950 in Arkansas with the idea of offering low prices and great customer service. Over time they turned the small company into one of the largest and most well known in America--Wal-Mart. In the right wing job creator myth the Waltons did this all on their own and no one helped them along the way. There is only one question that we have to examine to bust this myth-- why did big lot stores not exist on the scale they do today then? Theanswer --the interstate highway system. Our national highway system was constructedunder theFederal Aid Highway Act of 1956under Dwight D. Eisenhower. This project took longer than 35 years and cost the government hundreds of billions of dollars to complete. 47,182 miles later, the country was connected tighter than ever and the interstate made the U.S. a world economic superpower and an extremely industrialized nation. The reasonWal-mart was able to grow from a small five and 10 store to where they are today was because of the interstate. They make their money on the ability to distribute inexpensive goods quickly and efficientlythroughoutthe country. It also changed the way people shopped; they now were willing and able to drive longer distances to getcheaper prices. As the interstate grew, so to did Wal-Mart. For the GOP to say that Wal-Mart grew without government help, is a bald faced lie. If American Tax Payers had not footed the bill for thehighways andbyways,Wal-mart would still be a smallfive and tenstore in Arkansas. Wal-Mart isnt the only company that benefited from government investments. Up next well examine Google, yet another company that the GOP would love to have you believe built themselves with out any help. The fact of the matter is without our Governments initial investmentcreating the Internet, Google would not exist. The Internet was originally funded for scientific research. TheAdvanced Research Projects Agency Network (ARPANET) was established in the early 1960s. It was the world's first operational packet switching network and the progenitor of what was to become the globalInternet. The network was initially funded by theAdvanced Research Projects Agency(ARPA, later DARPA) within theU.S. Department of Defensefor use by its projects at universities and research laboratories in the US. Over the years, the Internet expanded into what it is today because of funding from the government. Imagine our world now without Internet. Since the mid 1990s the Internet has been responsible for a drastic change on our culture and has impacted our commerce to the point of no return. It has given us the capability to unite people all over the worldwiththe click of a button and change the way we live our everyday lives. Next time your online, thank the government. Wal-mart and Google are just two examples of how Government investment created an atmosphere for small businesses to grown and prosper in America and their are countless other's we can point to. Highlighting this, Bill Gates Senior had this to say: You earned it is really a matter of you earned it with the indispensable help of your government. You earned it in this wonderful place. If youd been born in West Africa, you would not have earned it. It would not have occurred. Your wealth is a function of being an American. Hard work, liberals think, is often not enough. Lots of unsuccessful people work very hard; lots of successful people dont. Bill Gates Senior on Bill Moyers Romney and his Tea Party Republicanscroniesare missing this key component tothe jobs argument - jobs created by government investment. And not the kind that you interact with at the postoffice.The millions of the previous generation's tax payers invested their hard earned money back in our country.America is a great place to start a business and grow a business, not because we have the lowest tax rates, or because we are willing to pay our workersminimumwage, or eliminate Environmental regulations, its a great place to grow a business because we have made the necessary investments to empower businessgrowth.This is whyTrickle Downeconomicsfail it starves the government of its ability to invest in the next major advancement--like the highway system or the internet. Romney and Republicans down ticket are simplymisguiding the American peopleon economic policy, and if the tea partiers continue to stay in power, it will lead us down a path were the middle classcontinues to stagnateand the rich get richer. Wecant let that happen.Sign our pledge to Vote Democratthis November and oust the Tea Party Majority.



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