Dean Dozen Debrief #2

October 18, 2012
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Don't forget to sign up for our weekly insider update on our Dean Dozen Candidateshere. This week has brought exciting news for our Dean Dozen candidates around the country. Check out the updates in this 2nd edition of the Dean Dozen Debrief! Annie Kuster (NH-02): Annie Kuster has started this week with a slim lead over Republican Charles Bass. An encouraging poll released by the UNH Survey Center is predicting a Democratic takeback in both the House and the Senate this season. On October 6, the Kuster campaign announced an exciting $720,000 fundraised in the most recent quarter. Annie has also gone on the offensive this week, launching a new ad campaign questioning Rep. Charlie Bass various business ties. The 31-second TV spot slams Bass for seeking special tax breaks through his nephews company. Carol Shea-Porter (NH-01): Carol has started the second half of October strong. Campaign finance reports recently released show that Carole raised over twice as much as her Republican opponent, Rep. Frank Guinta. His lackluster fundraising has encouraged SuperPACs to step up in his place -- American Action Network releasing an ineffective attack on Carols support of the stimulus bill. Last Tuesday, Guinta and Shea-Porter squared off in debate over healthcare, unemployment, and the environment. Carols strong performance and the polling trends have led DC Publication, The Hill, to upgrade her race from toss-up to lean Democratic and later this week she earned the endorsements of the Portsmouth Herald and the Seacoast Media Group and The Conway Daily Sun. Elizabeth Warren (MA-Sen): The third live debate between Elizabeth Warren and Scott Brown took place last Wednesday night, and it has several pundits declaring Warren winner. She has been praised as confident, poised, and smooth. You can watch the highlights of the debate here. On Saturday, Elizabeth paired up with actor Zach Braff at Northeastern University in a forum on womens issues. And on Monday the encouraging news broke that Warren has raised $12.1 million compared to Scott Browns $7.45 million. This put Warrens campaign as one of the most successful Senate fundraisers of all time! On Tuesday, Sandra Fluke joined Elizabeth at her campaign headquarters to speak to the importance of pro-women lawmakers. Two new polls were released last week: one poll conducted by WBUR and MassINC shows Brown with a 3 point lead, while another by UMass Amherst shows Warren 2 points ahead. What both polls show is that this race is still too close to call. Well keep checking back on Elizabeth during the coming week. In the meantime, check out this great Boston Globe article on what Professor Warren is like in the classroom. To top off the bad week for Scott Brown, he disrespected the real life families impacted by Mesothelioma who spoke out in support of Warren by calling them "paid actors." Not exactly the kind of behavior we expect from our Senators. Raul Ruiz (CA-36): It seems Bono Mack, 14-year incumbent, is a little scared as the final weeks are approaching in the increasingly Democratic district. In the races only televised debate, Mary Bono Mack used her opening statement to attack Ruiz for anti-American activities for his arrest during a peaceful protest at Plymouth Rock that was met with police brutality while a graduate student at Harvard. The Boston Police have all but admitted wrongdoing in this incident -- dropping all the arrest charges and funding a Native American scholarship at Harvard. Bono Macks intentions may have backfired as it shows Ruiz will speak truth to power. Bono Mack is running purely on distraction politics in hopes to damage Ruizs chances and dodge away from the issues. And for the first time in her career two straight polls show her down. Jose Hernandez (CA-10): The race between Jose Hernandez and Tea-Partier Jeff Denham remains close and has been ranked as a pure toss-up. Jose recently got the big dog boost when President Bill Clinton made an appearance at a rally to endorse him. Then the third quarter financial reports came out and Jose has proven he's in it to win it outraising Denham by $176k. But even with that advantage, Jose is facing outside spending and has a lot of ground to cover in the next 18 days to win this Central Valley district. Joe Miklosi (CO-06): This race remains close, despite the emergence of a third-party candidate. Incumbent Representative (and Birther) Coffman has based his campaign around defining Miklosi as an outsider to the district who wants to raise taxes on the middle-class. But voters are paying attention to social issues too, and Coffman's no-choice-with-no-exceptions stance doesn't fly in this district. The DCCC isn't letting Coffman escape his anti-choice record -- and are hitting the airwaves with an ad that makes it clear Coffman isn't just anti-choice -- he doesn't even support birth conttrol. Meanwhile the Miklosi campaign is ensuring they reach voters with in this crucial GOTV period. Mazie Hirono (HI-Sen): "Fresh from her strong debate performance of Tuesday night, Mazie Hirono is starting the next week in a great position. An internal poll of Republican Linda Lingle's own campaign shows Mazie with a 47-43% lead. Early this week, her news finance report demonstrated a substantial fundraising advantage--Mazie raised $1.2 million in the last quarter over Lingle, bringing her campaign total to $4.7 million. In other news, Republican Congressman Don Young has revoked his endorsement of Hirono, returning to the traditional Republican platform. Young has been one of the most controversial members of Congress in the last term, and his bizarre party-flopping during this election has only brought him more speculation. During primary season, Linda Lingle blasted Mazie for embracing the bipartisan endorsement of the Alaskan Republican who has been under investigation by the House Ethics Committee. In the weeks leading up to the general election, however, Lingle has quietly accepted the new endorsement." Martin Heinrich (NM-Sen): There has been consistent good news for Martin Heinrich as polling data exposes a definite halt in Heather Wilsons race and her chances for New Mexicos Senate continues to dwindle down. Heinrich has no shame in his game as he released his new internal from GBA Strategies showing him beating Wilson by a leading 55-42, It may be time for Heather Wilson to refute her claim that she is not dead yet. Tammy Baldwin (WI-Sen): The race to represent Wisconsin in the U.S. Senate continues to draw national attention. A poll of 870 likely voters in the state, taken before the second presidential debate, has Tammy and Thompson in a dead heat, with 394 of those surveyed intending to vote for Tammy and 397 for Thompson. This division is unsurprising, especially following President Obamas performance in the First Presidential debate, which lowered enthusiasm among democratic voter considerably. Tammys numbers are expected to rise following the increase of enthusiasm of the Democratic base following the second presidential debate. The Thompson campaign is clearly aware of this, as they scrambled to play down a video of Thompson's son partaking in Birther humor. Shelli Yoder (IN-09): Shelli Yoder continues to run one of the most grassroots focused campaigns of any of our Dean Dozen candidates. A new video highlights the personal connection with voters that is so important to Shelli Yoder's campaign. Her "Open Table Tour" of lunchtime town hall style meetings continue to give voters all over the district the chance to have face to face discussions with Shelli about the issues that matter to them. Unlike her opponent Todd Young, Yoder has pledged to hold regular town hall meetings in all 13 counties in the 9th District after she is elected. The first debate for Indiana's 9th Congressional District will take place next Monday, October 23rd, at Franklin College. Kathy Boockvar (PA-08): This week Kathy Boockvar received even more well-deserved support from Pennsylvanians this week. Veterans and Medicare recipients were both represented at the PA Working Families conference on October 5th, where Boockvar was praised as someone who will stand behind veterans and protect healthcare rights. In addition, Kathy just won the endorsement of the major grassroots progressive October 11, she was happily endorsed byPA Governor Ed Rendall. The Boockvar campaign also releaseda new adhighlighting Kathys support for womens rights. On the campaign trail, the race remains tight. Boockvar and her Republican opponent Rep. Mike Fitzpatrick have scheduled a series of three debates in the coming weeks. In the meantime, Fitzpatrick has been blasted for requiring that both Kathy Boockvar and live reporters bebanned his upcoming candidate events. Not to mention, Boockvar raised an impressive $520,000 dollars in the third quarter. Could Fitzpatrick be getting nervous? We think so. Manan Trivedi (PA-06): Manan Trivedi suffered a unique setback last week when his district was redrawn by the Republican Legislature--andhe was drawn out of it! Trivedi will continue to run in the 6th District, fighting a tough race thats made even tougher by the fact that new district has a distinctly Republican advantage after losing the Democratic stronghold of Reading, PA. Still, the Trivedi campaign has remained invigorated, recently releasing a newtelevision adfocusing on the health of the middle class and Republican Rep. Gerlachs gross misuse of congressional responsibility. Manan released great news early this week with the announcement that his campaign raised $433,000 in the most recent quarter, putting him at about $1.1 million for this election. These numbers are strong and reinforce that he is a real contender for office. DFA proudly hosted an Action Summit on Tuesday at Ursinus College in Collegeville, PA for the Trivedi campaign. Attendees learned all the basics of running a great campaign and had the chance to meet Jim Dean, Chair of DFA. Don't forget to sign up for our weekly update on our Dean Dozen Candidateshere.



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