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January 2, 2011
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The opening sequence of one video tape, shot in Thailand, already showed the suspect with Christian Louboutin Boots girl, the lead investigator said. Investigators had also compiled detailed evidence including lists of the man's victims with names, ages and locations, as well as statements recorded in Thailand, the prosecution said. In October the man had turned down the option of reducing the length of the trial by admitting Christian Louboutin Glitter Sling back the charges against him, which would have seen him sentenced to nine years' prison and therapy. The full trial, which is to include witnesses from Thailand, is expected to last two years. Since 1993, German courts have been able to prosecute the sexual abuse of minors, irrespective of whether it took place in the country Christian Louboutin Glittered Platform Pump Marine abroad. The United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund UNICEF estimates that there are around 1 million child prostitutes in South East Asia mostly in Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam. It is hard to estimate how many so called sex tourists there are, but the charity Terre des Hommes estimates Christian Louboutin Glittered Platform Pump sand around 10,000 Germans travel annually to have sex with minors.Among those measures were merging the cemetery, recreation and parks departments, discontinuing credit card payments for city utility bills, charging residents $10 late fees for unpaid bills, auditing city accounts and contracts, cutting some full time city positions to part time positions and installing a more energy efficient heating and cooling system at the city library.



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