Scott Brown is a fraud

October 25, 2012
By Linsey Pecikonis | 0 comments

This is a message from Alex Showerman: Yesterday, Scott Brown said that he disagrees with Richard Mourdock's statement that pregnancies resulting from rape should be considered "gifts from God." Scott Brown's actions clearly show otherwise. Today, it was announced that the National Right to Life Committee, a radical anti-choice group, is spending $45,000 on Scott Brown's behalf. Scott Brown claims to be pro-choice -- ask him to prove it by renouncing this spending on his behalf. There is one reason National Right to Life would support Scott Brown --he would vote to confirm radically conservative Supreme Court justices, like his personal favorite, Antonin Scalia. That's right, he along with his Republican colleagues, like Mourdock and Akin, would confirm justices who would overturnRoe v. Wade.His vote would end a woman's right to choose across the United States. Scott Brown is fraud when it comes to supporting women. He says one thing, and then his actions send a very different message. Let's put his "so-called" commitment to women to the test. Demand he stand up to the radical anti-choice group and renounce their support. Sign our petition now. Thanks for everything you do. - Alex Alex Showerman, New Media Manager Democracy for America



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