A Proven Fighter for the 99%, Miklosi Brings Strong Professional Experience and Hard-Working Family Values to Colorado

October 24, 2012
By Catherine Tuttle | 0 comments

Colorados Joe Miklosi has spent the past four years as the state legislator representing House District 9 in southeastern Denver. Now, he is running against incumbent Representative Mike Coffman who is known as one of the most extreme tea Party Republicans in the country. Lets not forget he was forced to apologize just back in May for reviving conservative claims thatPresident Obamawas not born in the United States. Even after The White House released the Presidents official birth certificate in April 2011? Its not the last time that the Republican representative has had to retract his own words. While researching Joe Miklosis biography for this profile, I was intrigued to read an article that touched a personal spot for me. In late August, Coffman published comments in a newsletter that attacked higher education, citing, Graduates, with liberal arts degrees, often find entry level jobs that are little better than what they would have gotten had they never attended college in the first place. As an English major at a liberal arts college, I was overjoyed to see that Joe Miklosi had plenty to say about these preposterous comments. This fall, issues regardingstudent loans and access to higher educationhave gotten a platform in the presidential race. Unemployment is also a major talking point nationally, and in this newsletter, Coffman seems to imply that many college students are graduating jobless in large part because of their impractical liberal-arts majors. Joe Miklosis view on education is different. He sees devoting to more college scholarships as an investment in our future and a way to strengthen the economy. Miklosi countered Coffmans statements by asserting, Making these drastic cuts to state and federal support for higher education would have a damaging effect on Colorado's economic growth. Mike Coffman also supports the radical Ryan budget, which would cut Pell Grants, allow student loan interest rates to double and end Medicare as we know it -- all while keeping taxpayer giveaways to Big Oil and companies that ship jobs overseas. This is just another example of why his agenda of promoting reckless cuts that put the burden on the backs of students and seniors is too extreme for Colorado. Trying to focus any of these cuts on higher education is not going to help the economic situation we are in, Miklosi maintains. The Colorado challenger earned his B.A. in political science and religion in 1992 from Hope College. He also holds a master's degree in public administration from the University of Colorado at Denver. Miklosi comes from a blue collar family; his mother was a waitress and his father an elementary school teacher. Watching them move up into the middle class showed Miklosi the power of hard work and determination. He has been involved in the private sectoras a business development manager, a software consultant for a computer company, and worked for the Centennial Nonprofit Project C.U.R.E., the largest collector and distributor of donated medical supplies and equipment to thousands of hospitals in the developing world. Service is a common theme for Miklosi, a former Rotarian, who served four of his eight years in Highlands Ranch. Miklosi calls his political approach common sense and his number one priority is restoring job and economic growth so that everyone can realize their own unique version of the American Dream. He proposes targeted tax cuts to businesses, cut his own pay, make banks provide loans to small businesses, and enhance the Buy American Act that selects Colorado companies bidding on state contracts that use American-made products and materials Joe Miklosi will fight back against the war on womenand work to protect every woman's access to birthcontrol and the woman's right to choose. He supports the Lilly Ledbetter Act and fair pay for women as well as streamlining the adoption process. He vows to protect Medicare and provide full healthcare, employment, and educational opportunities for military service-members. Miklosi wants to make Colorado the renewable energy capital of the country. The state already boasts nearly 72,000 jobs associated with renewable energy and clean tech industries and Joe wants to help double that number over the next 10 years. He calls for an all-of-the-above approach that relies on both renewable energy and traditional fuels. He believes investing in the renewable energy sector in Colorado will ultimately reduce dependency on foreign oil and sees the importance of continuing to pursue natural gas and other domestic forms of energy. Joe Miklosi's history of commitment to public service, secure communities, and fairness proves his superior candidacy and prospects for the 2012 colorado election.



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