Booman Tribune: Republicans Misques Empower Progressives

October 26, 2012
By Alex Showerman | 0 comments

This blog can be found in it's orginal format on the Booman Tribune. byBooMan Thu Oct 25th, 2012 at 10:23:41 PM EST Now why would Sen. Scott Brown (R-MA) accept a $45,000 donation from theNational Right to Life Committee? Actually, strike that. Why would the National Right to Life Committee spend $45,000 on mailers for an ostensibly pro-choice senator? After all, Sen. Brown's constituents in Massachusetts support women's reproductive choice and will not be impressed to learn that the National Right to Life Committee supports his candidacy. But it's not the case that this anti-choice group is trying to harm Brown's candidacy. They know that Scott Brown will vote for whomever Mitt Romney nominates to the Supreme Court and they suspect that Elizabeth Warren will not. And there is a good basis for their point of view. Sen. Scott Brown co-sponsoredthe Blunt Amendmentwhich would allow employers to deny women health care plans that cover contraception or abortion if they have some religious objection. He also says that he is a big admirer of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, who is an ardent opponent ofRoe v. Wade. There was a time when I thought Scott Brown had a good idea how to win reelection.Those days are over. For some reason he thought that the strongest attack he could launch against his opponent is that she doesn't look nearly as Native American as she claims to be. He even had hisstaffersout filming themselves making Indian war whoops and tomahawk chops in mockery of not only Elizabeth Warren but the very idea of civility and tolerance. Then he suggested that a bunch of people who were supporting Elizabeth Warren in commercials were really paid actors when they were in fact people who had lost a family member to cancer caused by asbestos. Read More here.



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