Guest Blog: The Choice is Clear in Hawaii

October 26, 2012
By Alex Showerman | 0 comments

Editors Note: This post comes from Tracy Lambe, a long time Hawaii resident who supports Mazie Hirono, one of our Dean Dozen candidates. The views expressed in this post do not necessarily reflect the views from Democracy for America, any current or past employers of Tracy Lambe, or that of DFA's principals and staff. To submit your own guest post email [email protected] -- I was adopted by Hawaii 19 years ago. It did not take long to learn the values of the people: the respect for ohana (family), for the aina (land), for diverse cultural perspectives, and perhaps most importantly, the spirit of aloha. I am grateful for the many gentle and not so gentle lessons I have learned about being a resident here, and I am grateful that we have a leader and advocate for these values Mazie Hirono. In the winter of 2007, my daughter Kaili had the opportunity to serve as an intern in Mazies new Congressional office. I remember visiting there and being greeted by her staff with warm alohas and hugs instead of formal handshakes. Hawaiian quilts adorned her office walls, macadamia nuts were in snack jars. There was warmth that, to me, exemplified Hawaii. So, I have followed Mazies career, visited her at town hall meetings, and greeted her on the streets of Hilo when she happens to be in town. She always remembers me as Kailis mom and we have a nice chat. Yet it is clear to me that when she is at work, she is focused on her mission to stand up for all of Hawaiis people. Her voting record reflects this consistently; I especially appreciate her advocacy on womens issues, civil rights, and support for strengthening Social Security and Medicare. Heres a handy link that illuminates the key differences between Mazie and her opponent, Linda Lingle, a co-chair with the Romney-Ryan campaign who has strong ties to mainland money and special interest groups that do not speak for Hawaii: The choice is clear to me. I will be voting for Mazie Hirono for U.S Senate.



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