Time flows like a stream

January 5, 2011
By Liu Baiying | 0 comments

Autumn wind blows, micro wave a residual leaves to, cold rain come early, the south wild goose chirps fly. Under the sky, I stood on the inside links london earring part is lonely, links of London jewellery, lonely and buttonwood slowly to me. Look back, my heart suddenly smoke and poured. Looking at those fingers slipped in the day time, I hope can live on the other side of the blue prisoners. These fright under a grey sky, links of London charms, sprinkle a little drops of rain to bathe in the past, I will forget, a youth who ignorant of emotion, forget the deep imprint which Links London Sweetie Bracelets blazed youth. I trembled the broken heart fragrant pieced together. Pick up in smoke, look. Eventually, I can't have died from the years back my happiness. With quiet feeling of sadness, fine layers leaf immersion glove, beauty of old, the moment idle era. Once upon a time, the next was full of green leaves of grass, once upon a time, links of London pendants, the yellow under full bright flowers. Busy has gone, leaves, just Links London Earrings know all the cycle is all but disappeared. As the aura of beauty faded time song, will only dim miserable. A few comments, prompting attachment years have passed and not looking back. Once the young at this time is black and blue, so every night, to not idle, so usually links of london charm bracelet idle at world of mortals. Time song, many people went back, and hide not open is the fate. Now, let's not all, with the hurry fleeting moments, links London necklaces, scrutinize the millennium flowers bloom. Fate outstretched hand, we were powerless, some things to use lifetime to forget, hate, will fuzzy time. So, come down and stayed "listen, spring city" view of Luoyang. With links of london rings sale good will and one heart will receive, time song, let us forget those young youth with grief sorrow. Years have passed, life is short. Life is short of the morning dew, like the sun shine to. The curve of life so winding, links of London watches help you value Links London Watches time. Sometimes, I close my eyes, ignoring the rough path, in the afterglow of the sunset, in the sunlight quietly passed until no inch feeling a light. And the man disappeared; I started again, looking for the memories more than worth vision for the future. The breeze, rustling leaves to reply. A leaf from before me, I fell slowly with a sigh. That no man, whether such as the yellow. The pursuit of wind, tree, let it suffer links of london jewellery chose to leave. Just at this time next year, yellow leaves of trees, links of London friendship bracelet, but still can return, that no man is like old time, once left, no longer. Already, may fall wood full court. We have always thought that won't forget, while the erosion of memories, in time song weathering process, we occasionally reminds young period met that person. But, once thick fragrance finally light down, Flip Flop 3-Flowers Charm, a breeze can also make it no longer leave traces of disappear. The collection of precious time lost memories links of london will recede, and those with the tide, but traces of memory are like the mega-structure and deep wrinkles. Time song, Love struck necklace, pave diamond, even the time flies, we still is the unique scenery, both dim and brilliant. Alone, deeply stare at you, you, you read silently in rhythm, read you like delusion, palpitation, romantic tender feelings of love, lonely, wear Sweetie Bracelet in Sterling Silver with 18ct Rolled Gold and listen to your thoughts about the taste of love are.



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