Look for the autumn

January 6, 2011
By Liu Baiying | 0 comments

Looking up, I had no answer. Here is a yellowish gray sky, no vitality. I paced in the dust of the street, and come, all around, regardless. Roadside trees with dust, dyed. sale Look around, old-fashioned village left; one is to fill the ponds, look to the right, foundation, that factory. Here is a dead city! How could you have "withered cane old tree faint crows, Bridges family? How here only one wall, copy is like good. But see: three or four green fishpond, a vast was among the four, and there are trees along the high, also to open a ruler, green. Is links london silver there a basketball, across several youth in play ball? Fishing boat or crook to move, at links of London store, the young boy went cross. Gradually, the rustling autumn night, I wore a dress. The bridge over the stream, turn a small village. Only saw a clear click-sold parked in a motorcycle, ancestral temple. Several elderly women his shoulder, and a thick links of london friendship bracelets bamboo, carrying two bear food to go out, barefoot. I put the car and the breath. A gust of wind, blowing and blew my answer. Originally "autumn" right here. Here without harassment, the air is fresh, links of London charms make people relaxed and happy. There are many half on floors, "the yellow leaves." It is the nature of the song, symphony, and tree sound. I looked, links of London UK, and there were standing links of london charm bracelet on the old farmer much-praised conclusion, they bent down, song, wearing a hat with back, legs sleeves rolled up, take good care of the dish. There are several rectangular black sweetie bracelet tents, a team of high street, blue. The smoke was born with mist, water cut links of london necklace crouched scattered red. The world is but a little place, the step of life. My arms are wide open to the autumn. Here is a pure, clean, from earthly midgrade, free from vulgarity. Here is the turbidity city, the end-result of life. I am on my way home; links of London friendship bracelet gets satisfactory answer. I don't have many words, but I managed to find a real autumn. Hand markers, and you can draw upon mood. Slightly links of london rings dont stop thinking, let it on white paper with your name. With tears, you write letter read again and again, not tired, the cold air eroding my body, trembling, wants to cry. The paper narrates the full desk, links of London rain dance, you little breeze flowing, dances in my heart, wings and fly to your side, residual mournful sweet. Branches swaying, sitting alone in front door looked at the brook, helplessly by rocks of memory. On that day, the ground water retains trace of infiltration, dim lamp links of london jewellery light shine. I sat in the back seat, links london sweetie necklace, leaning upon you, the mood suddenly become very happy, you give security, no longer let me afraid, and destroyed me on the night, couldn't help laughing with his eyes closed and sing. Find the star, but found that they had been shady, a member, you feel regret to say, see you this big star is enough. Sweet taste and implementation of our world, not small aperture, links London sweetie ring let the sad past squeeze. Looking at the end of the road, and we have imagined it into the next century, just before the whistle relentlessly reality in front of me, not underground car. You links london can look up the left, bitter smile, but his eye was caught sight of your face, links charms, your turn to my head, I want to see your eyes rushes past, but is also called a timid steps the emotion.



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