Gamer Notebook with HD Support

January 7, 2011
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Small difference - a hardware switch to activate the dedicated graphics solution is now next to the HDMI interface. That's right, matching the HD capability of the GeForce 9300M GS the N10J has an HDMI performance check is in the test update to the fore. Unlike the N10E the J version has in addition to a larger hard disk is also a major graphics update. In addition to the onboard graphics chip Intel GMA 950 an nVidia GeForce 9300M GS is used. Der user can choose which of the two graphics solutions should be used. To shift the hp graphic units on the way, a restart is notwendig.Zocken the subnotebook? Not applicable. In the rather poor performance of the Atom processor from Intel, the package moves to the bottom. In Aquamark test the editors struggled with 17 900 points by the underwater landscape. The World in Conflict war zone itself could be played with very low Compaq Presario V3000 battery settings are not liquid. The only advantage - the support of HD media and Blu-ray Formaten.Mit breaks 2 GB of DDR2 RAM and a 250 GB SATA Hard Drive compaq the limits of XP licensing. The larger Seagate drive is also reflected in the read / write speed worse than Hp, the partner model. Sequentially reads the user with an average 45 MB / s. Described at 42.9 MB / s.Minimale differences will be seen also in the display properties. Our test drive model N10J with lesser illumination (200 cd / m2), but can mount up with slightly better contrast (444:1). The viewing angles are similar to the minimal equipment. Initial fluctuations occur horizontally from about 60 . In the vertical area, the colors are from a deviation of 65 greatly invertiert. The highly reflective panel is not designed for outdoor use. Despite good coverage and respectable contrast, we could have one of our test lab is no fun. For the offending reflections on the display part as we forgive the sister model N10E Minuspunkte.Kaum heavier (1600 grams) than the E version was the Test team when using the Compaq Presario F500 Battery benchmarks "Battery Eater," just 260 minutes . measure This software simulates a DVD used with an average CPU load of 30%. The one or the other minute you can count on it under office conditions also. Update our test model is a few degrees warmer than the compaq N10E. The top is at a maximum temperature of 34-35 charged C, while the bottom spots with 35 C in the maximum energy consumption auff?hrt.Im the testers came to a typical consumption, when using the onboard graphics GMA 950 18.5 watts and 15 watts under load in office use. When switched on GeForce 9300M GS, the N10 reached a maximum 21.5 watts. These values are within the sub-notebooks and netbooks. Turns the Compaq Presario M2000 battery but the high-end mode with 9300M GS to do so, there are also times 8.31 dB (A). Whisper quiet, both the N-series subnotebooks give using word processing and browser. Here we measure HP 484170-001 titled approximately 26.3 dB (A). The compaq N10 itself as a subnotebook, found in our test system but with the netbooks his place. Despite seemingly revamped graphics solution we have the results of HP / Compaq Notebook Batteries not convince the J- version. We can even argue that the use of GeForce 9300M GS for a 150 extra little advantage brings. Only you can - the HD support for processing of Blu-ray and HD-Medien.Ansonsten the N10 is a typical consumer. glare display and highly reflective surfaces. Enemies of fingerprints should probably stay away from the device and to buy for a netbook like the Compaq Presario erkundigen.Keinen plan which mini-notebook? Our Top 10 Mini-Notebooks offers a daily overview. Apart of HD and Blu-Ray drives, it is actually nothing that is not included with the laptop. Apart from HD and Blu-Ray drives, it is actually nothing that is not included with the laptop. If that 20.1-inch LCD is not big enough, you can connect via HDMI and a TV as a display device (not HDMI cable included). About HP the keyboard, the soft-touch buttons for multimedia control . HP calls the media console. These keys have no tactile feedback and respond hp Pavilion DV5 battery in the lightest touch of the skin. A simple volume control? That would be too cheap. The user can even change ups and downs. Far right, that is directly above the optical drive, a second button is to open the DVD-Multi burner. Solely by the elevated position of the LCD to play a clear advantage from the speakers towards their fellow drivers. Very helpful addition to the HP, volume control, the testers also found the same Stummschalttaste.Wem is not enough that can get out of the notebook also 7.1 Dolby Surround (7 speakers and a subwoofer). Compaq Presario V5000 battery on the back of the testers found 4 additional audio jacks for these Zweck.Fr records or as Skype voice chat brings the Pavilion with two microphones. The are located right next to the webcam. The webcam has come to record videos and taking photos. Via instant messaging tools are also low quality video stream possible. There are hardly any book that offers so many connections as the hp. HDMI, E-SATA, docking station port to the additional 7.1 Dolby Surround ports. The HDX9270eg has almost everything. A numeric keypad is on laptops of this size but nothing special quasi-standard. Delighted, the Notebook Journal-testers on the keyboard and the keys Layout.Die have a matt surface, but not dull. The pressure point is chosen rather high, which gives the user clear feedback when typing. The key travel is also relatively high. The keyboard is under total at any point. Bottom Line: An entry from the prolific writer also their joy and haben.Vorbildlich can smoothly operate the large touchpad. Easily can maneuver the cursor from one corner to another.



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