Jewelry brand enters into the international market

January 8, 2011
By Liu Baiying | 0 comments

Since last year the price hike in raw materials, RMB appreciation, and CPI inflation driven higher labor costs to export enterprises, often frustrated. When the chips will no links earrings longer be low, links of London manufacturing export enterprises with foreign how cold is required to think and act more. Enterprise must realize is that if again according to the traditional way, will be unprofitable. China fair gives inspiration is, if it is new, even if prices rise somewhat, the purchasers can accept. Therefore, the links of london jewellery enterprise needs not only to reduce the Links London Sweetie Bracelets production cost, avoid risk, to borrow more foreign trade export products structure, speed up the promotion development and innovation, develop high value-added links of london charms products, design and make their products in the international market leading position. Long-term since, links of London UK enterprise with OEM, although they are aware of the importance of brand promotion, but because of not persist. Experts Links London Bracelets say the change is a dilemma, it also requires independent innovation, and only when the industry will form innovation atmosphere and our own brand in the international market really began. According to media reports, because China's exports to the United States commodity for low-value non-durable equipment and consumers favorite links of london sweetie series products, no matter whether a recession, the common people for this kind of links of london rings sale commodity is rigid, the demand is unlikely to be sharply declining demand. Low-valued consumables and daily consumer goods production has transferred to developing countries, the United States may not reboot the stove. Of course, for preventing risks and political factors for this kind of commodity, America will take the diversification of purchasing. However, other developing links of london charm bracelet countries in productivity, infrastructure, or industrial supporting capacity, workers and links of london silver jewelry commodity prices competitive ability, to destabilize Chinese in the short term. Each of us in a foreign trade enterprise market share of exports has greatly small, the subprime crisis to American market, the enterprise bigger and more dependent effects. With more than 500 professional project unit, after the completion of the large scale of the pearl, the world will become links of london silver jewelry manufacturing and processing center, distribution and logistics center, links of london brand display and trade center, business links of london necklace center and funds released, links of london bracelet jewelry culture communication and commercial shopping centers, and tourism brand links jewelry manufacturer of domestic and international marketing headquarters and trade center. The whole project layout will be divided into five areas, including links of london jewelry, tools and equipment and raw materials, finished product trading; Processing manufacturing; Business centre and service, with the links london charms jewelry industry, raw materials and products, combined with the characteristics of modern international standards, full scale, facilities of various characteristics. East China international jewellery city first links of london charm phase covers an area of about 600 acres, planning and construction area of about 500,000 square meters, including market trading will be built various specifications of the trade show about 2,400 a bunk and booth, london links jewellery, the whole market rational layout, equipped with central air conditioning or independently and intelligent facilities, links of london charms decoration, surrounded by modern style layout, the five-star hotel, office building and carefree life supporting facilities, equipment, perfect modern trading platform. China's jewelry industry need now is to create sustainable profitability of a links of London chain operation system, the real solution, which joined the sustainable links of london profitability and stores sustainable profitability headquarters, which can truly become the industry stronger, instead of going to a record high of chain gambol on.



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