asics many people were knocked to the ground

January 10, 2011
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The soldier of fortune all came to the hilltop, each moved a big rock and sat down. Soldier of fortune have a lot of shaking water bag in their hands, only they are installed with the water bag not know what is water, but to use dragon meat extracted from the dragon oil, the plan back to earn extra money selling the Royal Park, But when such a thing, but also had a generous donation. Soldier of fortune who just seemingly random walk, in fact, around the ambush but the team completely around in a circle, secretly from time to time during the open water bag, pour the dragon in the dry yellow grass above, except this time the bottom of a pass deliberately left to the valley at about a ten-meter-wide hole, the rest of the oil had already been long Siege of the circle. Several water the grass in front of soldier of fortune is their use of several water magic, before pouring the wet grass to prevent the flame rewind, and then a few spells soldier of fortune read one by one they are most familiar with moving from the fireball magic spell . Several other Air Magic of the soldier of fortune, simply pulled out of several Gale scroll, smiling, looking at fellow cast fireball magic. Drops of oil in the long grass was a fireball on the touch, suddenly burn, soldier of fortune who placed the flame along the line of high-speed long oil combustion, while also blowing a gale mantra with strong winds. The help of strong winds, the fire instantly become larger again. Ambush in the grass this time of asics kayano womens military, time to respond that their two hundred and fifty thousand people to be fooled. Breakout Breakout quickly shouted an officer, there is a gap in the following fast magician following it Asics Japan Ar, quickly extinguishing asics onitsuka accordance with the direction I mean to throw stones. asics wrestling shoes picked up a soldier of fortune who said the stone used to pad the butt, that position is still hard in the past. Sample, I let you read the spell The ambush attack style of play has always been Asics Onitsuka Tiger Seck Lo, asics kayano womens military magician for almost all of the fire department, only a few is to modify Water Magic, had intended to use here, Magic attacks like ice picks, temporary to turn Fire Water Magic, and before incantation finished, asics onitsuka flying stone has been cast out of their heads broken. Fast block to asics kayano womens out more than two thousand troops to the export of collective emission, a time crowded, many people were knocked to the ground, then trampled by fellow some trampled to death, there are many alive. With the fire lit, asics nimbus mission also followed the troops came to the valley entrance. Those who are just washed out from the flames in Taiping Asics Whizzer Lo, in the end not understand what happened to an escort mission crashed into the scope of the attack. Dan Chan the Taiping part of the state of mind before the convoy vulnerable, and partly it is angry, a group of people see the security guard not immediately life-Si Pin, many members of the face of such offensive guard miserable, have long asics wrestling shoes and other greetings in the heart of a soldier of fortune over.



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