BREAKING: WI pay back starts NOW

March 9, 2011
By Levana Layendecker | 0 comments

Wisconsin's Republican Senators found a way to pass Gov. Walker's anti-worker proposal -- without a single Democratic Senator present. There isn't a shred of doubt left if this was a budget fight or an assault on workers. With one vote, Republicans have declared one goal: Break unions and middle class families. We will hold them accountable in Wisconsin. We will fight back and win. We will be working all night to prepare new online ads and radio ads -- and in the morning, we'll buy more TV ads in the districts of Republican senators up for recall. Please contribute $5 to fund our campaign to fight back and stop the Republican war on working families. This is it. Now more than ever we need to fight back and not give an inch. As it says in our ad. "This is a battle we need to win." Contribute now Thank you for everything you do.



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