Meet Mia's Mom

February 18, 2011
By Levana Layendecker | 0 comments

A message from DFA Chief of Staff, Mia Moore: I'd like to introduce you to my mom, Dee. As a speech pathologist with the Milwaukee Public Schools, she helps kids learn how to talk. Sometimes these kids struggle because of a birth defect, sometimes it's because the kids have special developmental needs. In more than 35 years, my mom's helped over 700 kids, devoting herself to figuring out exactly what each child needs to learn how to talk and then patiently working with them day by day and week by week. Each time we chat, she's got a new story about one of the kids she's working with and the progress he's made. And she absolutely lights up when she tells it, I can hear it through the phone. Please stand with my mom and thousands more like her in our virtual march in solidarity with Wisconsin's unions. Governor Walker's attacks on hard-working, devoted teachers like my mom are outrageous, teachers' salaries are not the reason the state of Wisconsin has a budget crisis. And his actions have driven teachers' morale to the lowest it's been since my mom's been working with Milwaukee Public Schools. My mom wrote me last night to say thanks to DFA for supporting Wisconsin, and I wanted to share her gratitude with you. It's been a big boost to her and her friends. For 25 years, her teachers' union has accepted wage increases that barely match the rate of inflation in order to maintain quality health insurance and pension benefits when they retire. They've negotiated in good faith with their school board and Governor Walker is now using dictatorial tactics to wipe it away. We can't let this happen. Please join the march and stand in solidarity with my mom today. Thanks for everything you do. -Mia Mia Moore, Chief of Staff Democracy for America



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