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January 12, 2011
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If you do discover frozen pipes: As icy weather returns to Michigan, predictions Christian Louboutin Boots a variety of sources have residents preparing for another long, cold winter. The Old Farmer's Almanac http: www.almanac.com , is calling for a bitterly cold year with lots of snowy weather for Michigan, so now is the time to make sure that your home is ready to weather the months ahead. Fremont Insurance OTC Bulletin Christian Louboutin Mary Jane Platform Pumps: FMMH, a Michiganexclusive property and casualty insurance carrier, offers a few tips to help Michigan homeowners winterize their homes against two of the most significant winter risks: ice dams and frozen pipes. "Michigan winters are notorious for their severity and the extensive damage that they can inflict Christian Louboutin Miss Clichy 140 boots a home," said Kurt Dettmer, Vice President of Marketing for Fremont Insurance. "There are some simple things that you can do to prepare your home, and also some steps to take throughout the winter." Ice Dams occur when heavy snow buildup melts during the day then refreezes as temperatures Christian Louboutin Mount Street Sandals overnight. After several days of this cycle, the melted water and ice work up under the shingles entering the attic and damaging ceilings, walls and contents. To help prevent dams from forming: Keep gutters and down spouts clear of debris, snow and ice, so melting roof snow can flow Keep snow on your roof to a minimum.



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