Nice memories carry with you

January 15, 2011
By Liu Baiying | 0 comments

Life in the usual sense of happiness and the attitude to the infinite, remains quiet place, like in the entire universe, links of London watches help you remember the jewellery time and important moments, time and memory edge, still in the blending of the lonely sad to hear the sound. I was so forget, when the voice of the world to forget you, with links of London ring, I remember you, that is in the place that you forget that faint smile and take a rose thorn discourse. The autumn is the harvest season, I remember your voice, abandon the sound that with great pain and sorrow, sad tears, links of London jewellery, good to make these memories than tell yourself forever banned in heart, no mention of forever, never tears. In July, August, September, October, miss? October that night, swirl night falls into the cherry, accumulation, voice is soft wind, the sale autumn leaves g slightly, blow away, I like the life not crying, and the night long time. A sigh, through years of history, street look... Autumn, links of London UK and the tragic story, time feet... This is a knife in the day, as do in the net cafe play games, quick arrive I haven't got autumn outfit change autumn already will do, October the willow you also to links charms you the beautiful green shirt off a shy, even if you are not willing to... Autumn, I think you melons, except for the wind that depression or your view of melancholy, more prominent features you open window, fierce wind caresses surface through my mind, depression, and slowly crawled from point to surface from outside to inside melancholy erode links of london earrings all like a virus followed by many memories, links of London sweetie series, for a sentimental people in such a sad autumn, with the wind can always stay and the heart of memory pulled up memories are so beautiful, so the other person yearning, again to stop, live in the memory of people are sad... Below is the vision of autumn, autumn is far from the noisy crowd, quiet, links of London charms, only heard the news, the day around without clear cut without links of london rings sale sunshine, rain in the leaves of a star, on under the tree, with wine quench heart inside that damn melancholy, use of alcohol anaesthetizing crawling the virus, it is just enjoy sight with eyes like the scene with ink and enjoy the body to meet the autumnal winds, enjoy coming alone one air, make whole body is cool, cool, I might have so of wind. Snow in the cold winter. The cold dark night lights are links of london necklace surrounded by the cold of winter, featherweight and mysterious mist. Listen to news including shadows ghosts, dark night is a lamp to my infinite light, boundless strength and confidence in the night, links of London friendship bracelet, all this noise isolated in far beyond the lights wanes. The snow in winter, the north wind blowing, Siberia links of london jewellery and the direction to go find, in cold winter, links of London silver charms help you look for a warm spring to mind. Winter no spring flowers, not the flourishing of the summer, no sad autumn amorous colorful and miserable, but it is quiet and peaceful, truly. I like snow day alone, walk in the quiet alley, slowly appreciate the cold winter, the poetic at street scenery, the feeling of loneliness and lonely slowly. Suddenly remind of tang poems of the song, days, call the cold color green links london mulberry withered. Thick ice is crack, short and light. The north wind roared dire. At that time the feeling is made.



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