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January 17, 2011
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Another independent, Tony Windsor, said the stability of any new government Christian Louboutin Boots the "main game" as talks enter their third week. "I'd hope that we'd all vote in a similar fashion, but there is no guarantee of that at all," Windsor told reporters. "People may be leaning one way, but they may have to come back the other way to get some stability into the system." The pair was set to meet with fellow independent Bob Katter Yves Saint Laurent Shoes on Sale Monday, and separately with Gillard and Abbott, in the hope of securing an outcome by Tuesday. Although all three are former members of the country-based Nationals Party, they are divided on major issues, including Labor's planned mining tax and its longer-term ambition to put a price on pollution Vibram Five Fingers Bikila a cap-and-trade carbon scheme. Conservative critics say Labor's lower-house alliance with the Greens lawmaker, Mr. Bandt, could lead it to adopt a tougher stance on the mining tax and climate-change policies, given the Greens will also hold the balance of power in the upper house Senate from July 1 next year. Both Labor and the Greens Vibram Five Fingers Classic dismissed that argument. Mr. Katter is widely seen as the most conservative of the trio of independents, while Oakeshott and Windsor are more progressive, supporting the mining tax and policies to green up the economy. Australia is the biggest per capita polluter in the developed world because of its reliance on fossil fuels for power generation, particularly coal.



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