Democracy for America Takes on T. Boone Pickens: Prove It!

May 23, 2011
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Burlington, VT In a recent email to members, Democracy for America (DFA) takes on T. Boone Pickens claim that hydrofracking is safe for the environment. The email asks, If T. Boone is certain fracking is safe, why won't he disclose the chemicals used in the process? The campaign encourages DFA members to call T. Boone Pickens and ask him to voluntarily comply with the FRAC Act which would require that all fracking operations disclose the chemicals used in the process. Energy independence cannot come at the expense of clean water and Americans' health, says Kaili Lambe, Campaign Manager for DFA. Vice President Dick Cheney exempted fracking from the Safe Water Drinking Act in the 2005 Energy Bill and since then the natural gas industry unleashed a massive 34-state drilling campaign. Now, six years later, the facts are stacking up how fracking is poisoning drinking water and contributing to climate change. In response, Representatives Diana DeGette, Jared Polis, and Maurice Hinchey have introduced the Fracturing Responsibility and Awareness of Chemicals Act in the U.S. House. Senators Bob Casey and Chuck Schumer have introduced the companion bill in the U.S. Senate. These Members of Congress are standing up to close the loophole and hold the oil and gas production industry to the same standards as any other industry to ensure the safe protection of America's drinking water. Democracy for America is building a coalition of grassroots activists and environmental organizations to work together with leaders in Congress to pass the FRAC Act this year. ABOUT DEMOCRACY FOR AMERICA Democracy for America is a people-powered Democratic Political Action Committee. With over one million members nationwide, DFA is a grassroots powerhouse working to change our country and the Democratic Party from the bottom-up.

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