Republican Alberta Darling vs. Six-year-old Gabriel

July 29, 2011
By Levana Layendecker | 0 comments

We're just 10 days out from Wisconsin's August 9 recall elections and we're just a few points down in District 8. Republican Alberta Darling voted to give huge new tax breaks to millionaires while cutting health programs for children, like Wisconsin's BadgerCare. Now, we're going on the air in her district for the first time with a powerful new TV ad that puts a family depending on BadgerCare front and center. Check out our new TV ad and please contribute $10 to help put it on the air. Our ad in District 14 has been a huge success. We've pulled ahead to a small lead in the polls there and we're staying on the air through Election Day. Now we're bringing that same momentum to District 8. Our new ad is powerful, putting Sylvia Adair and her family front and center to talk about how they depend on BadgerCare. We don't make cookie-cutter ads. We've teamed up with our friends at the PCCC to have real Wisconsinites talk about their lives and how the Republican war on working families has affected them. They're powerful and they cut through the corporate spin and attack ads that normally clutter the airwaves. Contribute $10 now to help put our ad on the air. Thank you for everything you do.



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