Tell Eric Cantor: Don't Kill the Dream

September 1, 2011
By Levana Layendecker | 0 comments

Like much of the Northeast, Republican Eric Cantor's district was hit hard by Hurricane Irene. Yet, even while families and small business owners struggle to dig their way out and get back to their regular lives, Talking Points Memo reports Eric Cantor is using the hurricane disaster to drive even more cuts to vital programs. "Cantor: Hurricane Disaster Relief Will Have To Be Offset With Program Cuts By Brian Beutler, Talking Points Memo - August 29, 2011, As expected, House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-VA) will try to see to it that federal disaster aid to regions damaged by Hurricane Irene be offset by concomitant cuts to other federal programs." We're not going to let him get away with it. We announced today that we will be running our new TV ad in Cantor's district. We're updating our new TV ad to target Eric Cantor directly -- using his quote about Hurricane disaster funding -- and hitting the airwaves in-district right before he returns to Washington. Contribute $7 right now to keep the ad on the air now. Republicans are leading an all out assault on Medicare, Social Security, and education. We can stop them if we fight back. It's up to us to make it happen. Please contribute right now to keep our TV ad on the air. In addition to running TV ads, DFA members are also organizing protests outside of Congressional offices and Town Halls. With more than 100 events scheduled, DFA members have already held events in the following congressional districts*: John Campbell CA-48 Dana Rohrabacher CA-46 Jeff Denham CA-19 Kevin Yoder KS-03 Tim Huelskamp KS-01 Steve Southerland - FL-02 Allen West FL 22 David Rivera FL 25 Steve Palazzo - MS-04 Pat Meehan - PA-07 Joe Pitts - PA-16 Leonard Lance - NJ-07 Tim Bishop - NY-01 Nan Hayworth - NY-19 Joe Heck NV-03 *An event was also held to protest Maine Gov. Paul LePage Photo from Rally in Fresno, CA - Protesters Show Up at Denham's Office, WKMJ- NOW News Talk Radio Thank you for all that you do.



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