DFA Members Made the Difference

November 19, 2012
By Alex Showerman | 2 comments

This past election was a huge victory for progressives, and it was all thanks to you! Check out all that fellow DFA members accomplished on behalf of progressive candidates this cycle? 

As we look forward to 2013 and beyond, what issues/candidates would you like to see DFA organize around? 

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I hope this is a campaign that lends muscle and weight to the programs promoted by the President. The Republicans will (absent might) fight with all their dirty tricks. Expose them for who and what they are. Puppets! Do not insinuate guilt by association, on those who are playing fair. There are plenty bad guys to keep us busy without stomping on those who are cooperative. Let's Roll!

Helen Callis

I dont like the way Mr O was leaning toward romney!!! Its a bad omen (as a >$2250 contributor to various democratic entities I hope I am wrong)

Robert Caronia
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