Think Mid-Term Elections Don't Matter? Think Again.

November 19, 2012
By Alex Showerman | 1 comments

In 2010, Progressives and Democrats chose to sit on the sidelines.  They simply did not turn out at the polls with the force that they had in 2008 or they would in 2012. Instead, the electorate that showed up was older and whiter than the true electorate, vastly under representing the depth and diversity of our great country. Over the last two years we have seen what a destructive force the 2010 Tea Party wave in Congress was. Often overlooked, this 2010 wave led many state legislatures down the same Tea Party path as Congress.

It was this 2010 Tea Party wave in state houses across the country that drew the new congressional district maps for the next 10 years. And they carried out their task with surgical precision.

Fast forward now to 2012: if you look at the popular vote in Congressional elections, the American people voted for a Democratic Majority   However, the House is still controlled by Republicans. As the above chart shows, the newly cut lines heavily favored Republicans, a direct result of low voter turnout in 2010.

If we are to take back the house in 2014, we are going to have to mobilize like never before. So it's up to you.  What can we do to make sure that the victories that progressives have won across this country are not abandoned in 2014 like they were in 2010?

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Work with local and state parties to get good candidates for all positions and use that as way to educate public on issues and also to get out vote

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