A Toast to the Organizers!

November 21, 2012
By Alex Showerman | 3 comments

This just had to be shared. After the election, MSNBC's Chris Hayes took the time to congratulate organizers, and recognize the grassroots actions that helped candidates from the president all the way down to city council win. WATCH:

Having been an organizer, I would love to see the main stream media share this story more often. As we get barraged with political ads, and pundits on TV every election, Americans see the most cynical side of politics. Not only is grassroots organizing what wins elections (Karl Rove learned that the hard way), but it also is the special sauce that makes politics great. There is nothing more energizing and invigorating than being in a campaign office on E-day with the volunteers fired up to help their guy or gal win. The energy is nothing but positivity and excitement for what's to come. On E-day organizers care about one thing and one thing only, that is getting as many people to the polls as possible. There is a message I would love to see talked about on the main stream media everyday. 

As we gear up to the next election in 2014 and beyond we must continue to share the story of how these hard working organizers all over the country beat Karl Rove and big money. We must share the positivity that grassroots organizers and volunteers bring to the political process everyday, and most importantly we must share that always important message of go vote. 

Is there an organizer that you want to thank? Let us know in the comments. 

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I recall viewing this very edifying segment. Chris Hayes has become my new political fix. By the way, having a blog here is a great idea.

Tom Bearse

There is no such thing as a small thing, like the butterfly effect a flap here may cause a whirlwind there!

Don Gray

I saw Chris Hayes' show when he gave credit to grassroots organizers, and highlighted the extraordinary sacrifice his brother has made in choosing this career path. Anyone who thinks behind-the-scenes activism is glamorous or ego-driven, needs to spend a few days on the job with people who perform this necessary campaign support which is not usually heralded, but makes the difference in selecting public officials. Chris is a classy guy and logically pulls out the unvarnished truth from both sides of any conversation. He is the best!

Roberta Adams
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