This is what Democracy Looks Like

December 4, 2012
By Alex Showerman | 3 comments

At an event organized by CEOs, protesters reminded Sen. Rob Portman who really matters in this fight over the economy. WATCH (especially as it gets intense at the end): 

Then don't forget to stand with these courageous protesters and let Congress know that no deal is better than a bad deal. Add your name here: 

No Cuts to Medicare

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Interesting how he wouldn't even look at the individuals that were addressing him, none of the other ones will.

Carole Burns

We all know the Republicans will have to raise taxes on the rich. Stop acting childishly & just get that done with less drama.

elizabeth halloway

i think unions should be promoting their benefits to the non-union population because if they have never belonged to a union they simply do not realized how unions have helped lift their standard of living along with the union members standard of living. i have never belonged to a union in my life and i am now 69 years old, but on the other hand i have had responsible jobs that did not pay much over minimum wage either. so--go get em!!

rita lovely
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