December 10, 2012
By Alex Showerman | 1 comments

Republican Party

By re-electing president Obama, and strong progressive leaders like Elizabeth Warren, and Tammy Baldwin, we learned two lessons this past election.

1.  The face of America is changing.

2.  Americans are fed up with trickledown economics.

It appears as though the GOP simply did not get the memo. Let’s start with lesson number one, on November 6th the American people elected the most women ever to serve as United States Senators. In the House they elected the most diverse Congress ever. How did the Same Old Party respond? By naming 19 white males to be their committee chairs in the 113th Congress. Not one woman, not one minority, just all white males. If you compare this to the ranking members for Democrats in the House, tit is quite clear who represents the American People.

It’s not just their demographics that are out of touch it’s their policies. This past election Mitt Romney ran on three main fiscal principals, slash vital programs working families and seniors rely on, extend the Bush Tax Cuts, and close some loopholes and end some tax deductions. Well, the American people listened to Mitt Romney and his surrogates espouse these ideals for almost two years, and on election day they overwhelming rejected them. Once again the American people voted to protect programs like Medicare, and end the Bush Tax Cuts for the top 2 percent. Yet what is the GOP is proposing just weeks later as a grand bargain? Increase revenues by closing loop holes and deductions and cut Medicare. Apparently they did not get the memo.

The Republican Party is showing its true colors, getting more and more out of touch with the ever more diverse and more progressive America, but we must not get complacent. We must not forget 2010, where progressives sat on the sidelines, while an older and whiter electorate elected a radical Tea Party majority. We must not let that happen again, we must make sure to stay engaged and stay mobilized. It starts with this fight over the fiscal showdown. We must once again overwhelmingly reject these out of touch GOP ideals.

You can get involved right now, by adding your name to our petition to Harry Reid , telling him to reject any deal that extends the Bush Tax Cuts for the top 2 percent and fails to protect vital programs like Medicare. Add your name now.


We have already received over 50, 000 signatures and we will be hand delivering them to Harry Reid to make sure that he gets the message that we must reject the out of touch ideals of the Same Old Party.

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