What NRA?

December 21, 2012
By Alex Showerman | 7 comments

One of the biggest challenges we hear about in the fight for gun responsibility is how powerful the gun lobby, and NRA is. The fact of the matter is the NRA is not what they pretend to be. Consider this chart: 

In 2012, the NRA spent a whopping $16 million dollars in support of "pro-gun" candidates. Even more shocking, just 134,000 or .81% went to winning candidates. If that is not a rejection of their radical pro-gun stance, I don't know what is. But it's not just 2012 that there was this overwhelming rejection -- Check out the longer term trends of the impact of the NRA: 

That is right in the last 8 years, the NRA has endorsed 1038 candidates, and only had a meaningful impact on 4 races. Essentially what this tells us is that as a political force, the NRA is completely useless. The time is now for us to treat the NRA, as the results show they are, completely irrelevant to the needs of the country, and pass comprehensive gun reform. The first step is grassroots action and you can get involved by adding your name to our petition calling on Congress to take swift action on gun reform.

Thanks to our friends at Think Progress  for the great statistics. 

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Politicians who cower and kowtow to the NRA should know the facts: NRA money did virtually NO good in the last election cycle. So do the right thing and vote to ban assault weapons in citizens' hands and vote to shut down or strictly regulate sales at gun shows.

Liz Craig

There is an old saying that goes "If your only tool is a hammer, then everything looks like a nail". This fits with the NRA's proposal to put armed guards in every school. If you only believe in guns, then guns are the solution to every problem -- even when the problem is guns.

Steve Lamb

The NRA statement was fear mongering at its worst. Our school budgets are being cut as well as mental health care and the NRA is calling for more guns!!!!

jocelyn smith

Nancy Lanza was an example of those who think they are safer if they have guns. Hearing of one legitimately used in self protection is rare. Hearing of them being used in domestic violence, killing kids in accidents, suicide, etc. is common. There is NO legitimate use for assault weapons, and TOO many feel a perverse power surge with them; TOO many kids play games where to WIN is to mow down others with them. Repitition teaches. Look at the climbing incidence of Road Rage.... now put guns in the hands of those same persons.... If many, teachers included, are guilty of sex abuse, etc. put guns in their hands at schools? I want a gun free environment to live in! I want a world without nuclear arms too!

kathy siner

Even the Canadians think we're an unruly bunch of idiots when it comes to guns. When I lived in Oregon, I crossed into British Columbia several times without delay. On exactly one occasion, there was a queue of cars and Canadian border agents attending politely to them. I asked one why. He told me that, as it was July 4th, they were checking for guns! I refrained from comment, but when he'd gone I laughed to myself at what they thought of gun-totin' Americans. At the time, I was still legally a Brit.

Albert Rogers

Wayne Lapierre's proposal in response to the massacre of 26 in Newtown is to put armed guards in every school. Really? Why stop there? Maybe we should have armed guards on every street corner. Surely we'd be able to tell the good guys with guns from the bad guys from guns. His comments and complete lack of compassion for the victims and survivors showed that the NRA is not to be taken seriously in the national discussion about how we should respond to this unspeakable horror; they have effectively removed themselves from the conversation. Isn't it time to stop paying attention to them and get on with real changes to our gun laws?

Steve Malone

I believe that the constitution that was written few centuries ago, should be revised for the simple fact that the founding fathers didn't have in mind ( nowdays automatic weapons)...I am for owning a 200 years old rifles that the constitution had in mind at that time, but totally against owning any automatic weapons unless if you are working for lawenforcement.

Abdel El Rherbi
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