McChrystal Crystallizes His View on Gun Safety

January 8, 2013
By Emma Hadden | 4 comments

All the talk shows and blogs are talking about gun safety this week, and people have wide ranges of opinions and ideas. Some of them make logical sense, others of them... not so much. Check out this video from of a pro-gun guy getting his argument turned inside out by a reporter with a level head.

This reporter knows her stuff, and makes some great points. Guns are dangerous in their own right because it takes a person to fire them; military or near-military grade guns are high-powered pieces of machinery designed to kill... do we want everyone to have that and be able to fire them, without the military-grade training to go with it?

Former General Stanley McChrystal thinks not. Watch what he said about it on Morning Joe on Tuesday morning:

McChrystal sees that guns are a problem, not a solution. Do you agree? Click here to sign our petition asking Congress to pass a new assault weapons ban nowAdd your voice to the others telling Congress: We want these military weapons off the streets.

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The time is right to put sanity into laws governing the public's access to guns. Specifically, we need to ban assault type weaponry and high capacity magazines of ammunition from the general public. Existing gun owners at a minimum need to register theirs. There should be a buy back program nationwide for all of the aforementioned. Gun shows and private sales of guns should not be exempt from registration requirements. Yes the NRA will scream but the gun lovers of America could still own their hunting rifles and guns for the protection of their families but registration is needed. These are the minimum standards we need, nothing less. I should not have to worry that people are packing heat in restaurants and movies I attend either! Public places should be NON gun places!!

Margaret Fisher

Excellent links!

Robin Hadden

I think gun control advocates should forget piling comprehensive measures into one big bill and instead introduce incremental individual measures separately so that opponents would have to go on the record as being against: 1) background checks for all purchases, not just those at gun stores; 2) requiring states to contribute all relevant firearms data to federal databases; 3) elimination of magazines holding 100 rounds; 4) elimination of magazines holding more than 20 rounds; etc. -- you get the idea.

Brent Schaeffer

The right is pretty good at dismissing military expertise when it's inconvenient to them though, they certainly were Adm. McMullen voiced his support of the repeal of Don't Ask Don't Tell.

Henry Jackson
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