300 Presidents We Can Be Proud Of

January 10, 2013
By Allie Gregory | 0 comments

Across the nation,  Americans are coming together and uniting for gun safety laws. Now more than 300 University and College Presidents have signed an open letter urging US Congress to act and end gun violence.

The letter began in Georgia, after college president Lawrence Schall of Oglethorpe University had a sleepless night over the horrific massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary, “I was just sort of haunted by the challenge of the president when he said this is America and we can do better.”

According to NPR, the open letter includes: “a ban on guns on college campuses, ending the so-called gun show loophole, a ban on military-style assault weapons and implementing consumer safety standards around gun purchases.” In addition, University President,  M. Lee Pelton of Emerson College as written letter pushing for more gun safety as well. And College Presidents are not alone, the Association of American Universities is also working on public statement for gun safety on campuses.

All the support pushes forward the ultimate message: America needs to put an end to gun violence and the time has to be now. No one will ever forget the devastating massacre at a Virginia Tech campus in 2007—it is inconceivable that seven years later, Congress has yet to put gun safety on the agenda. The National Rifle Association can no longer dominate Congress. As Vice President Biden meets the NRA today, he promises swift action. If Congress will not act, the Executive powers will. The University Presidents’ letter states: “As educators and parents, we come together to ask our elected representatives to act collectively on behalf of our children by enacting rational gun safety measures… We urge both our President and Congress to take action on gun control now.”

As for this recent grad, I’m proud to count my University’s President among the signees.

Let your voice be heard, sign our petition here . Give a shout out to your home university while you’re at it and join the millions of Americans against gun violence.

UPDATE January 16th.

Make that 301.

This afternoon President Obama signed 23 executive orders to fight gun violence and strongly urged Congress to do more. Obama promised to "put everything I've got into this," however, he acknowledged that "pundits and politicians" will fight his proposals and claim he's waging an "all-out assault on liberty." He called upon citizen's to push forward: "The only way we can change is if the American people demand it." The president ends his remarks by saying "let's do the right thing ... for them and for this country that we love so much."



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