Out-of-Touch NRA Gets a Bit Touchy

January 14, 2013
By Emma Hadden | 0 comments

The NRA has recently been trying pretty hard to boost its image in the media. Have they finally realized that majority of Americans don't agree with their hardline stance on gun safety measures? After talking with Vice President Biden last week, the NRA has come out in mutual favor of the prosecution of those who lie to get around the mandatory background checks one goes through when buying a gun. Though it's nice to hear them actually discuss somewhat reasonably for once, it's hardly a concession to say "Okay, go ahead and prosecute the people who are already breaking the law." We should prosecute those people, but they have already been denied the guns for lying, so that measure will do nothing to reduce the number of guns out there. The NRA sneaks have made it seem like they're conceding, but they are not. Nice try.

In an another attempt to brush up their image and maybe appeal to a younger crowd, the NRA has recently release an app, NRA: Practice Range. It's a mobile device gaming app where you shoot at stuff with a variety of guns, and you can upgrade to bigger guns if you buy them. It's all targets and skeets, but at the 'Indoor Range' in the game, the targets look suspiciously like coffins with bulls-eyes on the head and heart areas:

That's fairly standard for a shooting range, but the app was also initially promoted as "ages 4+"... to start the youngins in early. It's an interesting form of media for the NRA to choose, since one of their talking points after the Sandy Hook shooting just one month ago was that violence in video games is to blame for our violent society. As the good people over at ThinkProgress point out, the NRA has been hypocritical in this way before. They criticized movie violence as another reason for the violence in America, but made this special glorifying the guns used (by both good guys and bad guys, of course) in Hollywood movies. Check it out:

How much hypocrisy can we take from the NRA? Though media violence is worth analyzing, the easy access to guns in our society makes it easier for people to kill more people more quickly. The NRA might succeed in blocking meaningful legislation if we let them play these games of media attention with us. Do you think something real needs to be done about the access to dangerous firearms? Sign our petition to pass an assault weapons ban and tell Congress we want them to get those firearms off the streets. 

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