Stand and Fight? More Like, Screech and Fright

January 16, 2013
By Allie Gregory | 0 comments

As President Obama presents his orders to fight gun violence the National Rifle Association launches a new spiteful pro-gun campaign. The ad goes beyond the issue and personally attacks the President and his family for maintaining security for his daughters the President. See it for yourself here:

No one has ever had the audacity to call out any past President for protecting their families with high security. The tactics used here are horribly wrong and desperate. Moreover, the NRA has crossed a serious line by going after President's children. Obama has stated he, like many American families, remains skeptical as to whether guns in the nation’s public schools would effectively make them safer. It is clear that NRA is no longer protecting gun owner’s rights or supporting the second amendment for that matter. The NRA today is paid big-money to support the interests of gun manufacturers. The “Stand and Fight” campaign is a desperate attempt to discredit the President’s fight to end gun violence. A Forbes’ headline says it all: “Not Your Father’s NRA Goes After Obama Children In Disturbing Television Ad.”

We look forward today as President Obama announces his plans for comprehensive gun reform. Calling for an end of gun violence is more critical than ever. The time is now. Sign our petition here for Congress to act. We can no longer stand by, the gun violence must cease. Today Obama said, “The only way we can change is if the American people demand it." Let us know what you think about the President’s plan and the battle for gun safety.



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