Republican Todd Tiahrt Continues GOP Tradition of Being a Hypocrite

January 17, 2013
By Emma Hadden | 0 comments

Jon Stewart is at it again with his excellent analysis of Republican hypocrisy. In the wake of the President's gun safety press conference there has been a lot of talk, some making good points, others not so much. Let Jon break it down for you:

And Part 2:

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart
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The same people who call for the government to just enforce the existing gun laws – Todd Tiahrt and the NRA, especially – have managed to completely neuter the ATF's ability to do just that. When will this hypocrisy end? How much more of it can we take? The Tea Party Congress, backed by the overreaching Washington lobbyists, is crippling our government's ability to do its job.

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