Obama Zeroes in on Jobs

February 8, 2013
By Allie Gregory | 0 comments

As the State of the Union approaches, more and more hope to see the President present progressive policies for his second term agenda.

Yesterday, at the House Democrats retreat, President Obama made it clear that he was focusing in on creating more jobs for Americans and creating greater stability for the American worker. Obama plans to tie together his agenda to include issues of education, immigration and the development of "clean energy" technology into the need to grow the economy forward and create jobs.

"We'll talk about that stuff. But all from the perspective of how are we making sure that somebody who works hard in this country -- a cop, or a teacher, or a construction worker, or a receptionist -- that they can make it if they work hard, and that their kids can make it and dream even bigger dreams than they have achieved."--President Obama, yesterday.

DFA looks forward to the State of Union next Tuesday. We'll be watching, will you? What do you hope the President will bring to his second term agenda? Let us know what YOU want to see the President address here in the comments.

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