Final Countdown to State of the Union

February 11, 2013
By Allie Gregory | 0 comments

Signed, Sealed, Delivered: The post may be ending for Saturdays but President Obama continues to deliver his 2nd term agenda this Tuesday night. DFA will be watching, will you?

Today it was announced, Sen. Rand Paul will be giving the 'Tea Party' response to President Obama’s SOTU address. Paul’s response will follow the 'official' Republican response of Sen. Marco Rubio. Both men are Tea Party darlings and already viewed as prospective presidential candidates for 2016.

With no moderate wing to the Republican party in sight, it is either the “establishment conservative” or  “Tea Party movement conservative.” Moreover, is the Republican Party so split they must have two responses? Sadly, regardless of what the President says, we will most certainly hear a great amount of opposition to all of Obama’s key points. We at DFA hope to see the President at his most progressive.

As Tuesday night approaches President Obama’s key points for his State of the Union Address have become clearer. He will focus on upcoming guns legislation, as well as immigration and energy tied together with job creation and security for the middle class.

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