Packing Heat For Pizza

February 20, 2013
By Allie Gregory | 0 comments

 In Virginia Beach, All Around Pizza & Deli will give a 15% discount to customers who bring in a gun or show a gun permit.

The owner, Jay Laze claims 80% of his customers have walked in with a gun since his new discount began last week—including a customer carrying an AK-47—yup, that's a Russian assault weapon.

Laze says, “It’s been awesome.” In fact, he’s considering making the new business model permanent. Most incredible is that this crazy unsafe promotion is apparently legal. Because the state of Virginia has open carry laws—a person with a gun can go just about anywhere including a pizza joint, the bank, hospital, store, or a bar.

Most shockingly, Laze’s model isn’t the first. In Utah, a frozen yogurt shop “Farr’s Fresh” gives a $1 discount to customers who bring in concealed carry permits—it was this that inspired Laze’s move: “I though it was a great idea, and I was wondering why nobody here was doing it. It should be happening all around the country”

Thankfully, it is not happening all around the country. However, models such as this encourage the same irresponsible behavior that lawmakers and safety specialists discourage against. Despite this, Laze continues to promote this bizarre pitch, as he openly says he hires delivery men with gun permits.

It is truly mind-blowing that in this point in time, when most of the country is becoming more and more aware of how impotent are gun laws are—a restaurant promotes ‘packing heat for pizza’—with no satire. This is not an SNL skit, this is a real place in Virginia Beach and Jay Laze is a real business owner.

At DFA we are calling for an end to gun violence and a stand for responsible gun ownership.

Join our effort to take down the Tea Party Congress, and replace them with a more open-minded, open to compromise, rational Congress. We want to see real and rational change for gun safety. After you join, head on over here and donate to help fund our initiatives to bring more progressives to Congress in 2014.

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