Senate holds Hearing for Assault Weapons Ban

February 27, 2013
By Allie Gregory | 2 comments

Today the Senate Judiciary Committee focused on assault weapons. The hearing was chaired by longtime gun advocate and author of the 1994 ban, Sen. Dianne Feinstein-CA and backed by President Obama’s administration. The committee discussed points about legislation to reinstate a new assault weapons ban.

The committee opened with emotional testimony from Newtown Dad, Neil Heslin, who spoke of his son, Jesse:

Neil's sincerity is impossible to deny. All of us can empathize with such an unspeakable loss of the person we love. He speaks of his son's final days and the simple moments of life-- to change so quickly and darkly at just 6 years old. Neil opens by saying how difficult it is to testify, but he does so in hopes that the laws will change and no one will ever have to make such testimony again.

"I'm hear to speak up for my son, because many things have to happen."

"It breaks my heart that something like this could happen in this country, at an elementary school..."

"Jesse grew up with guns, just like I did. I started skeet when I was 8 years old. My dad was a vice president for years at local gun club. He started taking me shooting when I was 8...He taught me respect guns, just like I taught Jesse..."

"Some guns just don't have any place in the hands of civilians. The assault weapons we're talking about today, their sole purpose is to put a lot of lead out in a battlefield quickly. That's what they do. That's what they did at Sandy Hook Elementary. That wasn't a killing' it was a massacre. Those guns and those clips let Adam Lanza massacre those kids. And my son was one of them."

"I've always thought it wasn't a real good idea for people to be walking around the streets with military weapons, but I probably wouldn't have said anything...But right now isn't about politics."

"Let me tell you, when you're sitting at a firehouse and it's one in the morning and you're hoping against hope that your son is still hiding somewhere in that school, you want any change that makes it one bit more likely that you'll see you boy again. If keeping those unnecessary weapons off the street would have let one more of those children leave that school building."

"I asked a question a month ago, what purpose those (assault weapons) served in civilian's hands or on the street. I never got an answer- but they did blurt the second amendment. It wasn't about the second amendment- I uphold the second amendment- I want to see that upheld and regulated and it hasn't been."

Jesse was killed along with 19 other elementary school children at Sandy Hook. As Sen. Dianne Feinstein opened the hearing, all the children's faces were displayed on a billboard just behind her head. If violence against our children will not cause Congress to end gun violence, nothing will. Please, stand with DFA and call on Congress to pass an assault weapons ban.

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Weapons of mass destruction do not belong in civilian hands;a ban is the right thing to do. We do not have tanks in our garages, nor submarines in our lakes. Where is the cry for freedom for tanks? All I can hear is the cry of those poor parents. Let's license, register, and insure every gun as we do a car. Guns are designed to kill. Cars are designed for transportation. Let's discern.

Alice Peterson

guns dont kill, people does, dont hold the guns responsible, its like cars, cars dont kill its the people thats driving them, on april,19,1995 at 9,02 am tim meveigh, blowed up the federal building in okc ok with a5000pd bomb killing168 people,19 was under the age of 6,over 200 injured, it destroyed 324 building,with 652 million dollars in damage, the bomb was hid in a 2 ton ryder rental truck, did the government take away ryder trucks,plastic barrels,diesel,jet fuel,fertilizer,NO,because the truck & contents did not kill no one, & that ar15 did not either. thank you.

james baxter
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