Paul Ryan Gets Delusional

March 11, 2013
By Allie Gregory | 0 comments

Fox News' Chris Wallace calls Rep. Paul Ryan out for writing a budget assuming Obamacare will be repealed. 

Wallace: Are you saying that as part of your budget you would repeal — you assume the repeal of Obamacare?

Ryan: Yes.

Wallace: Well that’s not going to happen.

You know things are rough when Fox News disagrees with a Tea Party Sweetheart and potential 2016 presidential candidate. It's troubling that Ryan would put such effort forth into the budget that assumes the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) will be repealed-- after all the act has failed to be repealed over 30 times not to mention being authorized by a Supreme Court ruling. Ryan's nonsensical ideology will leave Congress in worse fix to come up with a real responsible budget for the American people.

What do you think of Paul Ryan's proposal? What would you like to see from the Democratic budget?  Let us know in the comments.

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