When the Sequester hits home

March 13, 2013
By Allie Gregory | 1 comments

Growing up in Northern New York. I realize the majority of the country isn’t aware we exist. After all, there’s not only New York City, there’s Long Island, Syracuse, Buffalo, and Albany to think about it. I live in the Adirondacks, where the nearest Wal-Mart is an hour away and most of the kids I grew up with have never even been 8 hours south to the Big Apple.

Every state, red or blue, has pockets of rural life. Here, when it comes to watching the news and keeping up with the Jones’, we tend to shake our heads and keep things local. Yet sometimes what happens in these big cities, rips the rug out from under us.

On March 1st the deadline passed and the nation took on the “sequester” cuts. Washington’s inability to compromise cost hundreds of thousands of jobs and billions and millions of cuts to government programs across the board.

On a local level, my area hospital is being hit with over a $1 million being cut. Adirondack Medical Center has already faced big cuts the last few years, yet now they may be forced to shut down an Emergency Room service in the next town over (Read story on our local NPR station: NCPR). My mother works at AMC and we’re so fortunate her job’s not in jeopardy. Yet she and many others will experience shift changes to reduce costs. Because workers are paid more when ‘called in’ the hospital has set a schedule of rotation so there is less call and less workers on at the same time. Hits like this strike our small community and make it harder for the area’s working families.

As an intern at Democracy for America I now watch the news like it’s my job. Following the Sequestration debates up to the March deadline was difficult. It seemed everyday nothing was happening. Sure, warnings were issued from both sides. The media obsessed over the classic novelty: the blame game. Yet it was like watching a car drive into a wall in slow motion. You keep hoping they’ll hit the breaks, but they don’t. Just like that car, Congress’ inability to act is senseless. There is nothing quite like watching your government fail to do the right thing. This is not the first time nor will it be the last but American families deserve better. We deserve politicians that stand for the people and our rights to healthcare and education.

When the sequester happened most American’s probably didn’t notice much. However, when the effects take their toll—they will. Communities across the country that can’t afford such cuts will be the ones most affected, just like my home in the Adirondacks—Sadly, the government is most likely to do absolutely nothing about it. A wise infographic once read, if our representatives saw such momentous cuts to their personal salaries—a deal would have been struck ASAP.

My home in upstate New York is a beautiful place where people often come to experience the great outdoors. The area is known for it’s rich camping experience, clear lakes, and the 46 Adirondack Mountains. It’s my hope that Washington will come together and we won’t see cuts that hurt communities like mine. The petty culture in congress needs to end. That’s why I fight for progressive candidates who really do make a difference. Progressives work tirelessly to protect Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and education. I can only hope moving forward politicians will realize communities like mine matter. We need a Congress that works for the American people not for party politics.



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I agree with you I was born and raised in Cranberry Lake, NY just west of Tupper Lake. I now live in Florida. If something dosen't happen sone in Washington these congressmen and senators could be the downfall od our great country. They have totaly lost the fact that they represent the american people not their own agendas and special interest groups.

Steven Reynolds
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