Stephen Colbert: It's not Oil, It's Diluted Bitumen!

April 5, 2013
By Alex Showerman | 2 comments

Stephen Colbert hilariously explains the real danger of the Keystone XL pipeline. WATCH:

While Colbert makes a great point with satire, the dangers of diluted bitumen are real. A 2012 article in the New York Times  laid out the dangers of a tar-sands pipeline spill: 

After the dilbit gushed into the river, it began separating into its constituent parts. The heavy bitumen sank to the river bottom, leaving a mess that is still being cleaned up. Meanwhile, the chemical additives evaporated, creating a foul smell that lingered for days. People reported headaches, dizziness and nausea. No one could say with certainty what they should do. Federal officials at the scene didn’t know until weeks later that the pipeline was carrying dilbit, because federal law doesn’t require pipeline operators to reveal that information.
The 2010 spill could have been worse if it had reached Lake Michigan, as authorities originally feared it might. Lake Michigan supplies drinking water to more than 12 million people. Fortunately, the damage was restricted to a tributary creek and about 36 miles of the Kalamazoo, used primarily for recreation, not drinking water.

The bottom line Keystone XL is an environmental disaster waiting to happen. This isn't your grandpa's oil being pumped in, but something much much worse, and it's up to us to stop it. Add your name to to tell President Obama no on KXL.

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After seeing what has happened in my state, we cannot approve the Keystone XL. Please don't let this pipeline run though the midsection of our country.

Charlene Gretsch

Go green

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