Making Headlines and Holding the White House Accountable

April 8, 2013
By Alex Showerman | 5 comments

President Obama may have hoped his proposal to cut Social Security benefits would go unnoticed this weekend. If so, he was sorely mistaken.

Progressives across the country are rising up against his dangerous plan. Democracy for America members are leading the charge -- and making headlines:

    -- Democracy for America called the cuts "profoundly disturbing," on CNN.
    -- DFA Chair Jim Dean is quoted on ABC News as saying "We are prepared to fight (President Obama) every step of the way."
    --And the Huffington Post reported that "any Democrat that votes to cut Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid benefits is risking a primary challenge" from DFA members.

The pundits and power-brokers in DC are taking notice. We've got the momentum -- but only a few more days before President Obama formally sends his proposal to Congress. We can't let up on the pressure.

Donate $4 or more right now to give DFA the resources to fight back against this reckless proposal.

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Are you really surprised? DFA had the chance to call for a Democratic primary opponent after Obama governed as a Republican in his first term, but did not. Get what you pay for.

Craig Leavitt

I'll ask again. Where does Howard Dean stand on Obama's budget proposal?

William Mclaughlin

It's rumored that Howard has said he may have to leave the Democratic Party if cuts to the pentagon budget are as little as Obama's budget provides. Hopefully this is true...Obama's budget proposal is truly disgusting both for it's cuts to SS (which don't affect the budget) and Medicare and it's refusal to slash the pentagon's obscene budget. But too many Democrats seem content to go along. Dean/Sanders or Dean/Warren in 2016.

William Mclaughlin

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Benedick Gordon

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Benedick Gordon
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