You Won't Believe What Bill O'Reilly and Bernie Sanders Have In Common. WATCH:

April 10, 2013
By Alex Showerman | 4 comments

At 0:23 Bill O'Reilly says "Let's be honest," and for the first time in his career, what he says following actually is. 

At 0:38 He explains that his mother, or Mrs. O'Reilly as he likes to call her, NEEDS that yearly bump in Social Security. 

At 0:56 He shocks us all. WATCH: 

Even Bill O'Reilly agrees, cutting Social Security is a bad idea. Join fellow progressives (and Bill O'Reilly) in telling President Obama that you don't have his back if he cuts Social Security.

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O'Reilly is incorrect on a key point - although this is in Obama's budget (and I agree that it should be dumped in the wastebin) it is not, as he suggests, the President's plan. It is, through and through, a product of the Republican leadership and the desire of the entire Republican caucus.

Jeff Markel

With banksters getting billions in bailouts, the Pentagon still snorffling at the public trough at Cold War levels, corporate profits at record levels and the wealthy pocketing all of the economic gains of the past 30 years, it is INSANE to raid the earned retirement benefits of seniors.

Seth Chandler

Mr. President, Please, am I to believe that all the cuts to "Defense, Banking Industry, Corporate Welfare, Corporate Farm Subsidies, have been exhausted? So, now all that's left is SS. Medicare and Medicaid to plunder so we don't have to raise the RICH FOLKS TAXS? I'm quite sure I have the average American's back on this. The question is have you lost their back? What do you have to loose by doing the right thing by your real constituent's, those of us with family incomes under $40K or worse, Seniors who have little beyond SS& medicare? Our hope has been in your hands.

Thomas Bertrand

STOP the madness. NO cuts to social security. it is FUNDED!!!!

linda tanfani
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