HOWARD DEAN: Draft Gov. Brian Schweitzer to Replace Max Baucus!

April 23, 2013
By Alex Showerman | 7 comments

Today, our Founder, Gov. Howard Dean shared this message:

Sen. Max Baucus's decision to retire is a huge opportunity for progressives.

Now, we have the chance to elect a powerful populist and a single-payer healthcare advocate to the U.S. Senate.

That's why Democracy for America is launching the campaign to draft Gov. Brian Schweitzer for U.S. Senate.

Sign our petition to Draft Brian Schweitzer for Senate.

Brian is the popular former Governor of Montana and he'll be a tremendous force in the Senate. As governor, he stood up to lobbyists and big corporations and has a record of leadership that is desperately needed in Washington.

He fought for a single-payer healthcare system for Montana and championed a drug reimportation program that would have saved seniors big money. Thanks to his leadership on these issues and more, it's no wonder that a snap survey showed 93 percent of Montana DFA members want us to draft him for Senate.

This is an open seat race in a red state, but I'll guarantee you: If Brian Schweitzer runs, he will be the next Democratic Senator from Montana.

Help elect a powerful populist to the Senate -- sign our petition to Draft Brian Schweitzer.

Thank you for everything you do.

- Howard

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I am 100% behind the Governor. Max Baucus has stalled progressive legislation at every turn. He diluted the health care bill in a way that is unacceptable to many on the left. His former chief of staff David Castagnetti---now a major Washington lobbyist--helped to water down the health care bill and was instrumental in bringing Baucus on board in that effort.

Chuck D'Aprix

I met Governor Schweitzer when he came to our town to give a talk, and I was most impressed with him and what he had to say. Yes, he should run!!!

Elaine Dorough Johnson

I believe Gov. Schweitzer would be a much more cooperative and energetic advocate for the Democrats' agenda, and, importantly, he should be easily electable in Montanta! We need him in the Senate!

Kaye Clarke

I think he's a good candidate.

Germain Holmes

Please run!

Christian Quarm

I'm for anyone who will stand up to corporate lobbyists and who will work for a federal government single-payer health care system.

Ann Wy6che Jones

Who is the DFA leader in ND or Montana? We need them to speak at a JJ dinner 5/5/2013

pat mischel
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