The Howard Dean/Max Baucus Highlight Reel

April 24, 2013
By Alex Showerman | 3 comments

Max Baucus has always been hated by us progressives, but it was his vote against background checks that was the final straw. See what Howard Dean  predicted last week:

0:01 The Governor goes right for the juglar and makes a bold prediction

0:13 Howard Dean names who Max Bacaus' replacement is going to be. 

0:36 He takes Joe to school on the electoral politics of Montana

Earlier today, Howard Dean has a slight humble brag on Morning Joe

0:04 "I called this a week ago"

0:13 Howard Dean gives the most accurate description of Max Baucus there is.

1:38 He tells us why an advocate for single payer healthcare can win in Montana.

Do you want Brian Schweitzer to run for Senate? Add your name to draft him here. 

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Dean in'16.

William Mclaughlin

Dean in '16 !

William Mclaughlin

Draft Schweitzer for the Senate and then draft Dean for 2016.

William Mclaughlin
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