Take Action Now: Tell the Senate to Fix the Filibuster

May 2, 2013
By Allie Gregory | 5 comments

Remember watching the Senate vote to crush gun violence legislation? It was horrible -- but Republicans were jumping for joy. Mitch McConnell even made a joke about it on his Facebook page.

The thing is -- gun violence legislation is just the latest victim to the Republican's obscene misuse of the filibuster.

The Senate's bipartisan filibuster "reform" package has failed miserably. It's time for real reform. It's time to change the rules to reinstate the talking filibuster.

Join DFA and Senator Jeff Merkley in Fixing the Filibuster -- sign our petition now.

Just how broken is the Senate because of Republican extremists? They're blocking so many judicial nominees that court vacancies have caused a judicial "crisis," according to The Washington Post, Politico, and the Huffington Post.They embarked on the first-ever filibuster of a Defense Secretary -- only because Chuck Hagel once said something critical of George Bush. (No, really. John McCain went on television and said that was the reason.) And let's not forget the time that Mitch McConnell introduced a bill to the floor to embarrass Democrats -- and then filibustered his own bill to waste time.

Let's be honest here: Republicans don't want to govern. They just want to stop Democrats from governing. There should be no doubt that we need filibuster reform -- and we need it now. Please sign the petition to Fix the Filibuster.



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The obstructionists are ruining our great country. I am tired of paying these congressmen and women to do absolutely nothing. I wouldn't have lasted long in my job as a nurse doing nothing. Fix the Filibuster and do it now. Their mission to destroy Obama's presidency is destroying our country and I am sooooooo tired of it.

Kathy Wakefield

All they want to do is to frustrate Obama and the Democratic party--and are willing to throw our nation into chaos and financial ruin to do it.

Allen McCall

The way to fix the filibuster is to have real filibusters. Most people are too young to remember the ludicrous sight of a pompous senator holding up the country's business by reading his Grandma's recipes far into the night. That has not happened since we have C Span filming everything that happens on the floor of the Senate. Let's make the Republicans show themselves wasting the nation's time, and have them create film clips showing them making fools of themselves, that will be shown by their Democratic challengers in their next election.

Bernard Friedman

The filibuster is a resistance to democracy, specifically in that it resists vote. If such resistance is thought to be necessary by a representative, then it should be via talking. Otherwise, we have a system where one can, in a passive manner, impede democracy. If we take impediment due to a largely passive act as a sign of weakness, then the allowance of a silent filibuster is allowing weakness in our system. Please end the silent filibuster now.

Jay Jeschke

I think that if the filibuster can't be fixed so that a minority has the power to block everything, then we need a new form of government. One that is not owned and operated by the corporations. This used to be the greatest county in the world. But now we are just refusing to see that we are no longer a great country, maybe not even an average one.

Lynn Sanders
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