WATCH: The Lost GOP and Their Worst Ad Yet

May 3, 2013
By Alex Showerman | 5 comments

Howard Dean was on MSNBC last night and had some choice quotes about the state of the GOP, including "the RNC is doing everything they can to make sure Democrats win the House in 2014." Do you agree? Tell us in the comments. 

Also, worth pointing out that in RNC ad featured in the clip, the GOP also used an image of the president consoling a victim of the Newtown shooting. Just continuing to show their poor taste and how out of touch they are. 

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While I concur that the ad is awful, it's not intended for widespread consumption. All they care about is keeping their base energized. That's really all they have to do for the midterms, having gerrymandered themselves into a nearly unbeatable position. We got a wave election in 2006 because of Bush's unpopularity and the Iraq war. Bush wasn't just unpopular, he was highly visible. Most Americans really don't understand the machinations of Congress. They don't understand why nothing passes without 60 votes in the Senate. They don't understand that the House controls the budget process. The media, and even some of the Democratic leadership, are not helping much by blaming the dysfunction on "Congress." It needs to be laid squarely at the feet of the Republicans. I don't know if any of it will be enough to get them out in 2014 - and even if we can manage that, can we get real filibuster reform in the Senate? Pardon me for my pessimism, but I just don't see things getting any better for us next year.

Bob Fishell

You know I love you guys, but I'm pretty sure we've got the White House locked up for 2014. Through 2015, even!

Ian Kaplan

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Melissa Campos

The Dems have to work to get out the vote and better yet convince those Republicans who vote against their own self-interests to stop voting..well.....Against Their Own Self-Interests!

barbara fisher

Karl Rove and the elite 1%ers misjudge the intelligence of the American voters. They believe they can con voters into siding with their propaganda, but the public is reading between the lines and considering the source of the smokescreen. The Tea Party has braggingly exposed themselves for who they really are, obstructionist puppets for the elite 1%ers. As long as the RNC continues to con the religious right and be pirated by the Teabaggers, it will continue to lose its true Republican base. The real "true old school" Republicans have lost their representation and confidence in their party, and are going to have to regain control of their party or create another party that truly represents them. The arrogant Tea Party obstructionism at the expense of the American public, is destroying the party. Removing this cancer is a painful process for the old GOP loyalists, but it must be accomplished to become a viable force in the reality of political circles.

Vern Harden
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